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    Matilda May works surprisingly well, and it doesn't have the whole superhero feeling like lot of alliteration names have, so a point for that. It sounds like a classy little lady. And I love Millie!

    I just love that it has a lot of meaning for you.
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    I love it. I think alliteration can often swerve into children's book character territory, and even though it sounds so good to the ear, it can be too much. This combination really works well though. I LOVE Matilda (with nn Millie - not a fan of Tilly). The family connection is also great. Awesome name!

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    I absolutely LOVE it! Great job!
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    Absolutely beautiful! And I positively love the family connections.

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    Matilda May McEwan is sweet! I prefer Mathilda Mae but that's very much a personal preference.

    I also love Lucy, which I admit is quite plain, but with the possibility of the nickname Lux, it has great potential! I do prefer Lucienne (again with the nickname Lux) but Lucy is so lovely!
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