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Thread: Saint Quiteria

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    Saint Quiteria

    Saint Quiteria was one of stunningly named nonuplets, so I thought they were suitable for the Sibling Names category. They were:

    Genivera (Genebra)
    Liberata (Virgeforte)
    Vitoria (Vittoria, Victoria)
    Eumelia (Euphemia)
    Germana (Germanica)
    Gema (Marinha, Margarida)
    Marsia (Marica)
    Basilia (Basilissa)

    ... and of course, Quiteria herself.
    What do you think? Are any useable today?

    Interesting Fact (well, I think so):
    Quiteria is rumoured to have come from the name Cytherea, an epithet for the goddess Aphrodite after the island she was born on. Isn't that link between Classical and Christian religion fascinating?

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    Since many early Christians were formerly pagans, the link between classical Greek and Roman mythologies and Christianity isn't surprising to me. Many God and Goddess names also show up in the Saints Calendar.

    Quiteria - I think the French version Quitérie is more usable.
    Genivera (Genebra) - Genivera is pretty as are Ginevra, Genoveva, Geneva, Genevieve
    Liberata (Virgeforte) - I think this is fine along with word name Liberty
    Vitoria (Vittoria, Victoria) - all spellings are still in use today (Spain has one t, Italy has 2 t's)
    Eumelia (Euphemia) - I like this one but then I love Euphemia and many other "Eu" names
    Germana (Germanica) - sounds like a description of a person of German heritage. Germanica may make a quirky mn choice. I think Germaine is fine.
    Gema (Marinha, Margarida) - Margarida is the Portuguese form of Margaret so it's in use. Gemma is similar and Marina is lovely.
    Marsia (Marica) - Marike/Marieke/Marijke are all used in Northern European countries like the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Marsia is similar to Marcia as well.
    Basilia (Basilissa) - These names are used in Italy today
    All the best,

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    I think Marsia/Genivera might be usable. However, I love Genevieve, so my opinions are incredibly biased. Vittoria is also beautiful.
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    @mischa - I especially like Eumelia/Euphemia too, although most Eu- names are guilty pleasures (Eugenie anyone?), and didn't know about the Vitoria/Vittoria thing (or, indeed, the close correlation of pagan/Christian names). You are a fountain of knowledge, @mischa! Thank you.

    @merrybells - I agree (although as a fellow lover of Genevieve, I'm not sure that's surprising...) and especially about Vittoria - it flows so much more smoothly than slightly clunky Victoria, though I find them both incredibly beautiful in different ways. Thank you for commenting!

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