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    Expecting, with Step Children

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Good evening! My name is Aggie, I'm new to Nameberry! I've always been extremely interested in names and I'm now expecting my first (biological) child! At 13 weeks, I'm already stressing over names and would love to hear your opinions on the list we've created if we have a baby boy. Please, don't worry about offending - I've heard it all!

    A little background, my husband has two awesome little boys from a previous relationship (8 and 4). They are ecstatic about the long as it's not a "yucky girl"! These two little loves are Maddox Owen and Ryker Matthew. We currently share custody, and have them with us about 65% of the time.

    OK. Onto "The List"

    Maxson Oliver - This has been my very favorite name for...well, for a very very long time. Until I met my husband, it was the no-brainer choice. However it's VERY similar to Maddox, and that's driving me crazy. What do you think? Go for it, or leave it behind?
    Simon Oliver - Too many references?
    Abram Oliver - My husband is not crazy about it's biblical you closely relate this to The Bible?
    Miles Oliver - Too trendy?
    Wyatt Oliver - My husband's personal choice...again, trend factor?
    Stone Oliver - This is kind of "our" name - after Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam
    Felix Oliver - Teasing potential?

    Looking for feedback and NEW SUGGESTIONS!! Thanks ladies, looking forward to getting to know some of you![/FONT]

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    Okay, these are your best options...

    1. Wyatt Oliver - Yes, it's a bit trendy, but so are Maddox and Ryker. This name matches best with them.
    2. Miles Oliver - Good. Sort of trendy, but a good solid name.
    3. Simon Oliver - References to what? This one is good and it's the most "classic" name on your list.

    I dislike Stone. Sounds like a rock star. Not in a good way.

    Maxson is definitely out. It's way too close to Maddox.

    Abram is okay, but it's very biblical. I'm not a fan of biblical names either.

    Felix is okay. It's getting quite popular atm. Not sure why he'd be teased.
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    Maxson Oliver - not a fan I'm afraid: it's very similar to the popular Jackson/Jaxson/Jaxon and is just too kre8tiv for me, sorry! I love Max, however. I do agree that it may be too similar to Maddox, unfortunately.
    Simon Oliver - what references? I love it!
    Abram Oliver - love it! I don't think of the Bible at all - I think it's a handsome name!
    Miles Oliver - really like Miles/Milo. Are you worried about two Ms or is that ok?
    Wyatt Oliver - I quite like Wyatt, but it's not really my style. Solid name choice though!
    Stone Oliver - I dislike Stone, sorry! I think there would constantly be references to 'stoned' and it's just not a very 'nice' name.
    Felix Oliver - why would a Felix be teased? This is my favourite of your names! I've always loved Felix.

    My favourites: Miles, Felix or Simon. I also like Abram.
    Congratulations and best of luck!

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    It's me again! Excited to see the boys list.

    - Maxson - not a fan. I know a Maxton and it's confusing. It sounds made up and it's waaay to close to Maddox.

    - Simon - love. Can't go wrong with this one and it's not too popular.

    - Abram - like but would definitely associate it with the Biblical name of Abram/Abraham. I think most people would assume it too.

    - Miles - somewhat popular but I wouldn't consider trendy because it's got history. I like it.

    - Wyatt - I like ok. It is somewhat popular.

    - Stone - not feeling this one

    - Felix - like, should be a contender. I'm not seeing the teasing factor?
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    Congratulations! Sounds like you'll have your hands full!

    I would say that unfortunately, Maxson has to be out because of how similar it is to Maddox A shame, because it's such a handsome name. Do you think it could be a second middle name? How about Samson, Harrison, Bryson or Grayson?

    Simon Oliver seems like a more suitable choice. Not sure what you mean by references, but I think this name is quite cool. It's not the best fit with Maddox and Ryker though... Have you thought about switching this name around and having Oliver in the first spot?

    I did see 'Bible' when I read 'Abram', but I don't think that's a massive problem. Bram could be a cool nickname, and would fit better with Maddox and Ryker in my opinion.

    Miles Oliver is a cool name. It is trendy, but as sarahmezz said, so are Maddox and Ryker. I'm not a big fan of having the same initial as Maddox though, what are your opinions on this?

    I would have to agree with your husband that Wyatt Oliver is a very nice name! I think of the seven choices here, it fits best. Again, it is trendy, but I think it works exceptionally well with Maddox and Ryker.

    Stone is OK in my opinion. It doesn't flow awfully well with Oliver, and it seems to have a lot more teasing potential than Felix to me. Maybe this could be a second middle name?

    In my opinion, Felix Oliver is your second best choice. It flows well, and goes with the other two boys names. However, it does have the same ending as Maddox. Does this bother you?

    All in all, I would say that your top four options are:
    1. Wyatt Oliver
    2. Felix Oliver
    3. Simon Oliver
    4. Miles Oliver
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