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    Due next week - Willa, Charlotte or Annabel?

    Hello all

    I am due next week with baby no. 2 - a girl. Her big brother is Ewan Henry (I am from England but we live in the US) and our last name is Stark, which is quite tricky becaiuse its hard having a harsh, one syllable last name like that.

    I think I have decided on the name Willa Annabel Stark, but also have Charlotte and Annabel as possible first names, The other middle name I am considering with any of these first names is Elspeth (in keeping with the scottish name of her big brother, same goes for Annabel.) Others that were on my short list that I've since narrowed down were Orla, Hazel, Harriet, Clara, Beatrice, Francesca and Aveline so you get the type of names I like.

    None of these are family names, just names I like. What does everyone think of Willa? How does it go with Ewan and our last name? and which combo is better?

    Willa Annabel
    Willa Elspeth
    Willa Charlotte
    Charlotte Elspeth
    Charlotte Annabel
    Charlotte Willa
    Annabel Charlotte

    I think Charlotte is nice but the no 12 name in the UK so a bit too popular for me I think. I just like Lotte and Charlie as nick names. And my reservation with Annabel as a first name is that it would get shortened to Anna - my middle name and a bit plain.

    Thank you for your sage advice! I don't feel ready for this baby to come until I know what we'll call her when she pops out!

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    Re: Due next week - Willa, Charlotte or Annabel?

    Willa Annabel: I love both names, but because Willa ends in an A and Annabel begins with one, the flow is kind of awkward for me. (But that's just me...) :-)

    Willa Elspeth: Same problem for the flow, but I love both names. I'd personally stay away from ssy names like Elspeth with Stark.

    Willa Charlotte: I love Willa Charlotte (I think the flow is fantastic), but Charlotte and Stark both have the ar sound, which sounds kind of rhymey to me.

    Charlotte Elspeth: I love the combo, but I think Charlotte Stark, which the repetitive ar sounds, sounds pretty harsh.

    Charlotte Annabel: I love the combo, but it's the Charlotte issue for me (but that's just me)...

    Charlotte Willa: Ditto...

    Annabel Charlotte: I love the flow of Annabel Stark, but would personally stick something else in the middle to sound softer with Stark.

    You're right about Stark being a tricky name! :-)

    Annabel is my favorite first name option with Stark, but I do love Willa, too. Other than Hazel and Beatrice (which I love), I think the names you listed work well with Stark, too.

    Willa Clementine Stark
    Willa Catherine Stark
    Willa Genevieve Stark
    Willa Josephine Stark
    Willa Katherine Stark

    Annabel Daphne Stark
    Annabel Ivy Stark
    Annabel Mary Stark
    Annabel Ruby Stark
    Annabel Rosalie Stark
    Annabel Violet Stark

    I'm not sure if you're still searching for ideas, but in case you are, here are some ideas:

    Amelia Stark
    Aurelia Stark
    Clementine Stark
    Cordelia Stark (nn Cora, Cordie, or Delia)
    Dahlia Stark
    Fiona Stark
    Genevieve Stark (not the best flow...)
    Henrietta Stark (nn Hattie)
    Josephine Stark
    Julia Stark
    Lydia Stark
    Miranda Stark
    Matilda Stark (nn Tillie)
    Penelope Stark (nn Poppy or Penny)
    Viola Stark
    Winifred Stark

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Due next week - Willa, Charlotte or Annabel?

    I really like Willa Charlotte - don't know why. But it's gorgeous. I love it.

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    Re: Due next week - Willa, Charlotte or Annabel?

    I vote for Willa Charlotte.

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    Re: Due next week - Willa, Charlotte or Annabel?

    I have to say my favorite is Annabel Stark. I like Willa Stark a very close second, and I think they both go well with big brothers name. For Charlotte, either as first or middle, to me it sounds like a plural of Charlotte (Charlottes Tark).

    Good Luck!

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