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    Have you considered Lena at all? She seems to fit with your style. Lorelei is another name that feels like it fits really well with the rest of your list. As far as the new list goes I like all except for Kelsi, Korli, and Kenli, they are really trendy compared to the rest of your list. Instead what about Coraline or Coralie? or Cassidy or Cassandra or Cassia? Even Caroline, maybe? Or how about Candra?
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    Thanks everyone so far for your thoughts and for your suggestions. Below are some of the thought I have on the names you have suggested.

    Luciana: Reminds me of Lucia which is a name I love. But since I am Swedish I do not see it as a good fit. Every year we celebrate St. Lucia in december and I do not want my daughters classmates/friends to make fun of her name because of it.
    Clarity: The likeness Chloe and Everly is really striking! Worht to suggest to my husband
    Cleora: This name is so cute! But one of my husbands friends named their daughter Cleo. The likeness it to big.
    Allanah: I like that this name has the name Lana in it and that it is somewhat longer. Gets another ring to it. I have to see what my husband thinks.
    Odette: I suggested this name to my husband before. he does not like it
    Lea: used to be on both my husbands and my list. But my husband does not like it anymore for some reason.
    Belle: My sister is planning on naming her daughter Isabella. I do not want to steal a possible nn from her.
    Lucienne: Like it
    Lena: My aunts name unfortunately. Have another aunt with the name Lilian that I also like!
    Luna: It sounds to "Hippy/Hipster" to me.
    Lorelei: Like it
    Coralie: Reminds me of Chloe actually. Maybe my husband could like this one.

    I hate that it is so hard to pick a name. Some days I just want to break down and cry!! It feels like we never are going to find our daughter a name that we both can agree on and love. I know that we eventually will find one, but I always had a really hard time to decide things. I am afraid that I eventually will give up and let my husband choose whatever name he loves just because I cannot deal with this anymore. I am scared of ending up hating the name that gets picked. t I always thought that picking names for our baby wold be the fun part.

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    Hi Livh I know exactly what you are feeling here as I feel the same! It is so hard to get my SO to discuss any names! He feels it too much pressure!

    Reading this post, I also responded immediately to Coralie! Its a cool fusion of Chloe and Orli!

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    Me and my husband just went over all the names we had on our list and it was a though process. Especially for me since I am the one who has been doing most of the name searching. A lot of my suggestions got shut down entierly. However, we are now at lest down to a couple of names that we can somewhat agree on. Our top 6 are:

    Everly (This is the one we can agree on the most)
    Orli (my favorite)
    Chloe (husbands favorite)

    It looks like my theory about the letter L holds at least.

    Right now I have a hard time seeing that we will go for either Chloe or Orli. I am not to fond of Chloe and my husband is not to fond of Orli.

    We will see how things play out eventually. I think it's best that we wait to meet the little one before we make a final decision. But it's frustrating to not have maybe 3 names that we can agree entirely on. If we had that I would feel more relaxed about the naming situation.

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