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    I've revamped my girls' list... would love to hear some reactions :)

    They're in my sig!

    Quick questions-

    1) Do you prefer Amaryllis or Amabel [Jane]? Why?

    I love the feel and whimsy of Amabel, but am worried it'd be forever confused with Annabel.

    I adore the meaning of Amaryllis, but I feel like both the sound and the flower itself are a wee bit too showy.

    2) How do you feel about Lilias? First reactions?

    It's a Scottish name, which works for our family. I like it for a very silly reason- it reminds me of Lylas (love you like a sister) which is how my best friend and I always used to sign our notes to each other when we were girls.

    Just to clarify, I pronounced Helene like Heh-lane (two syllables), which I know is uncommon, but it's very much my preference.

    Thanks!! My hubby and I received some really good news today, which means we might start TTC sooner than we'd been thinking, and the names might finally be relevant.
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    Current favorite combos for the women-to-be: Rowena Claire (Winnie) | Amabel Jane | Lilias Eve | Helene Iona (Lena)

    And the little men: Theodore James (Teddy) | Cedric Muir | Jude Peregrine | Henry Alcott

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    I really, REALLY love Amabel Jane. It is probably going to get confused with Annabelle...A LOT...but that doesn't mean it isn't absolutely beautiful and worth using.

    I also really like Helene Iona....I think Helene is classy an feminine, and I think Lena as a nickname is just amazing. I love Lena just as much as Helene.

    Not fond of the other options at all, but I'm floored by those two! Good luck, I hope things work out and you and your husband get to TTC soon!

    ETA: I completely overlooked the boys names!

    I like all of them, but two stand out. I loved the name Theodore for it's nickname of Teddy. I really wanted to use it for a boy but my husband vetoed and then we had a girl anyway. I still have a soft spot for the name when I see it. That being said it's my second choice here, because Jude Peregrine just hits every note right for me. Love it! So much, in fact, that I'm a little jealous I never thought of it!
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    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    1. I like both Amaryllis and Amabel. If I had to choose one, I'd probably say Amabel because I love its vintage charm. But, you're right, you'll always be clarifying her name. How about Mabel? I don't think Amaryllis is too showy.

    2. I really like Lilias. It's a more interesting choice than Lillian. My first reaction is remembering my aunt Lillias! Her full name was Lillias Isabella and, yes, she's from a Scottish background.

    Now onto the names! I really like most of them. In order of preference...

    1. Amabel Jane - I really love this one! Amabel is gorgeous and Jane is always beautiful.
    2. Lilias Eve - This is a close second. As I said above, Lilias is a cooler version of Lillian. Eve is lovely.
    3. Helene Ione - I like this one a lot too!
    4. Rowena Claire - I don't much like Rowena. As a combo, it's okay, but not great.

    1. Theodore James - I adore Theodore (unfortunately hubby says no ). Cute classic combination.
    2. Henry Anselem - I love Henry, but I'm not sure about Anselem. I've never heard of this name before.
    3. Jude Peregrine - This is a really nice combination, but it's third because I don't like Jude much. Peregrine has a very "posh" vibe for me.
    4. Cedric Muir - I just don't like Cedric and this pairing doesn't do much for me.

    I hope this helped! Good luck on your TTC journey! It's such an exciting time in your life
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    Quote Originally Posted by shujayra View Post
    I've revamped my girls' list... would love to hear some reactions . They're in my sig!

    1) Do you prefer Amaryllis or Amabel? Why?

    2) How do you feel about Lilias? First reactions?
    The names in your signature are very classy. Very ladylike and gentlemanly, respectably.

    Five are perfect, and three could be improved (in my humble opinion).

    I love Helene, but to me, Iona doesn't flow as fluidly as it should. It has to do with the n's.

    Theodore's middle name isn't as distinctive as Anselm, Muir and Peregrine.

    Also, Anselm isn't as crisp next to Henry as Cedric Muir and Jude Peregrine. It needs a middle with harder versus softer sounds.

    I prefer Amaryllis to Amabel, and Mabel to Amabel ... simply because I'm not yet fond of names with endings pronounced like bell. And Amaryllis (along with Esmeralda) happens to be my top favorite at the moment!

    My first reaction to Lilias is that I'm not familiar with it. tells me it's a Scottish form of Lillian. Very nice.
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    I'd have to go with Amaryllis. Amabel is cute and vintage, but I'm going to pull the t word... trendy. It's almost reached the point that you see a 'bel/ belle/ bella' name, and just think "Again?". It's the new Ashley... So although Amabel is unique, it'll be right there with all the Arabelle's, Annabelle's, Isabelle's, Belle's, etc. Amaryllis, is cute, interesting and vintage vintage (like so vintage you should go back a few hundred years). I love that the sound just rolls off your tongue, and has a sweet, pleasant ring to it. It's an absolutely lovely, one-of-a-kind sort of a name.
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