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    Collecting treasures: Names that mean "morning"

    I am not keen on giving a future child any of my names, because I would like to use something new for them. However, I do want to give names that share a strong link to my name; so, I am collecting names that mean the same thing as each of my names.

    One of my names means "morning". Do you know any names, for either gender, that mean "morning" or something similar? Nothing is too unusual or outrageous for consideration. I am especially interested in English, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Greek, German, Japanese and Latin names.

    The names I have so far are Aurora (I'm weeping over the increasing popularity of this one, because she is my current frontrunner for a daughter); Sirius (morning star); Lux (bit of a stretch here, probably not close enough in meaning.)

    Dawn isn't usable for various reasons.

    I would love your suggestions!

    Update on page 3; I'm curious about your thoughts on the name Morgen...
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    I love the name Dagny (meaning new day) from Atlas Shrugged.

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    Dagne is great!

    The association with the book is so strong though I'm not sure I could use it -- Rand is such a great feminist figure but some of her views are... the kind of values I'd hope my child would reject... so I'll have to think about that one. Great name, I agree, thanks for reminding me about it. Interesting!

    Any other thoughts?

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    Asa has meanings related to morning in both Hebrew and Japanese. (In Japanese it's pron. "ah-sah")

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    Zora means Dawn in Slavic
    Danica/Danika means morning star in Slavic
    Aamu- Finnish for morning
    Akinyi- Luo for born in the morning

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