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    Whovians, Unite for the 50th!

    Hello to all fellow Whovian-Berries!
    Before you start reading, if you haven't watched The Name of the Doctor/The Night of the Doctor, there are spoilers.
    As I'm sure you all know, tomorrow is the much-anticipated 50th anniversary of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor.
    I was sure I couldn't be the only one cuddling her TARDIS blanket and anxiously awaiting the episode. So, my question is, who is your favorite Doctor/companion? (Mine is Eccleston/Rose- when he sends her back in the TARDIS, alone and she returns-perfection!) And what are your predictions for the episode? I've only seen New Who, so most fans will probably criticise me for that, but I still love the program. As we all know, John Hurt has become the War Doctor, following Paul McGann, the 8th doctor. I originally hoped that there would be a regeneration mistake, and the doctor would divide in two, then being turned against his evil self (the war doctor). However, this obviously won't happen, so I don't know what to think. What are your theories?
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    Right there with you Mehri! Well, no TARDIS blanket here, but we snuggled under a blue blanket and watched An Adventure in Space and Time tonight. The show plays for us at 10:50am so we're recording it and watching it in the evening. I want popcorn and lights out when we watch it. We'll be staying off the internet all day! We're also going on Monday night to re-watch it in the theater, surrounded by other fans. We have DALEKS on our license plate and it's rare anyone knows what it means (it's so fun when they do though!). When we go the the theater on Monday, it's going to be a blast to have everyone know what it means.

    My favorite companion was Wilf. I know, I know. Not an official companion, but I adored him. I have a soft spot for sad old men. I loved Walter from Fringe as well.

    Rose and Ten are probably my favorites, but I think the Doctor's best companion so far has been Donna. I think the dynamic between Doctor and companion is more interesting when the companion is mature, rather than an impressionable young girl. I loved Rory, too.

    I don't have much in the way of theories, although I've been suspecting that Matt Smith is actually 12th, not 11th. I'm very interested in Rose, as well. She appears to be Bad Wolf, not Rose, and I think that could be really cool.
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    Hi fellow Whovians, I shall be watching the 50th anniversary at a cinema tomorrow afternoon at 4pm (Eastern Australian Standard Time)( with some friends so no TARDIS blanket for me, well I don't have one but it sounds so cool and I want one for Christmas now lol. I've heard a lot of theories but I have heard that the 8th doctor at some time referred to himself as Doctor 8.5, otherwise I'm going into the cinema with no prior knowledge of what will happen and I'm getting excited even though it is a whole day away.

    My favourite companion/doctor has to be Donna and David Tennett, I liked Rose too but after the love interests from Rose and Martha I think Donna was needed, and the Doctor Donna was just awesome. I cried by the end by how she saves all of reality and worlds will sing of her never forgetting her while she can never remember (writer's gold). There was also some funny moments with their partnership.

    Maybe the 8th Doctor is tricked into becoming another version of himself and his present self has to go back and save himself and the world with some timey wimey stuff created by a paradox. Ooh from what I have heard it is going to change it up a bit, I'll be back tomorrow after watching it to gush

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    I'm watching it tomorrow as it's my granddad's birthday today and we're all together watching the football and celebrating. He is ninety three.

    My predictions are that Moff is going to ruin the characters of Ten and Rose. Sadly, I don't think I'll be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    My predictions are that Moff is going to ruin the characters of Ten and Rose. Sadly, I don't think I'll be wrong.
    Yeah I'm a tad worried about that. I like that Rose had her day and went off happily ever after with a human Doctor. Why do they have to keep dragging her up?!
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