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    Naming Rules and "Going Rogue"

    Everyone has their own set of naming rules and how strictly they may adhere to them. Some examples of name rules may be:
    -Varied syllable count. Ie, if the last name is 2 syllables, mix it up so that the first name has one or three syllables.
    -No overlapping sounds. End of the first name shouldn't run/blur into the beginning of the last name.
    -Various sibling set rules. Either sharing or absolutely not sharing first initials, rhyming or themed, etc.
    -Alliteration? Good, bad, sometimes okay?
    -Honoring family. Some find it important to honor a family member with the middle name or use of same initials, etc.

    What are your personal (or overarching) naming rules?
    And secondly, do you have any names on your lists that defy those rules, but you love them and would consider them regardless?

    For me, blurred sounds is a big one. For example Thomas Sands = toma sands. Another is my view on first and last name alliteration. Generally I say that I don't want the initial vowel sounds to be the same, like... Hmm.. I don't like Winston Williams, but Warden Williams is better. Or, Timothy Tillman doesn't sound as good as Thomas Tillman to me.

    So what are the names that would entice me to break my own rules? Eloise. Last name would be Stewart, and Eloise breaks the blurred sounds rule. And it DOES sound like Elowee Stewart, but most days I can ignore that same with boys, Hollis. Sounds like holly Stewart. Doesn't bug me too much. Well, kinda, but for some reason it's still on my list!
    Another name is Sterling. Not sure I'd actually use it as it's a bit out there for me, but under Kate's Naming Rules Section 2, Article 1.b; Alliteration, I "shouldn't" like or use names that share beginning sounds, in this case the "ste".... But oddly I do kind of love it.
    So, anyone care to share their rules, and their" rogue" names?

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    I don't have a super strict set of rules but more so guidelines that I try to follow. They'd be:

    -No insanely popular names. I like to stay outside of the top 100. However, I fear by the time I have a daughter if I have one, the name I love will be in the top 100 since it is in the top 200 right now and seems to be rising. I guess then I will have to decide how important that really is to me. If it were to be in the top 100, it's the one name I'd consider breaking my rule for.

    -No names the end in the same sound.

    -No names that start with the same letting in our sibset.

    -Names that aren't extremely common but are recognizable and easy to pronounce.

    -Nothing that ends in the ee sound because of the surname.

    I used to care about syllables but the surname is 2 syllables and ALL of my favorite names are 2 syllables so that went out the window. I just try to make sure the middle is 1 syllable or 3+ syllables to help break it up.
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    - Overlapping sounds is a big one for me, especially since my surname also begins with an "S". It has caused me to eliminate Max, Miles and Collins from my list... but I can't let go of Avens or Felix yet. It's sad.

    - Anything over popular. I wouldn't mind a kid or two on the playground sharing the same name... but I could NEVER use Ava, even though I still find it to be an absolutely beautiful name. I've only recently let go of Wyatt for this reason.

    - For some reason, I've never even considered using a middle name that I just "liked". For me personally, it's an opportunity to honor someone important to you or a family tradition. Maybe that's because my entire family has always followed this rule. My first child will either carry the middle name Oliver (husband's family tradition) or Louise (family middle name), depending on the sex.

    - I cannot use a name that can be shortened into something I don't like. Macsen, my favorite name, is iffy because of a potential "Mac". Max is awesome, but it clashes with my surname. Decisions, decisions! For the most part, the rest of my list is nickname free.

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    I won't use a name that's terribly popular, except a few classic boys names such as James. I like to look under the top 500 or at least those that seem to be falling from around 300 swiftly. If a low ranking name is making leaps and bounds, it gets scratched too (goodbye Elsie).

    I won't use a name that sounds horrible with my surname (either whole name or nickname). This is why I ruled out Nolan, which I love. (Surname is Deal-Nolan Deal, no deal). My surname makes me very sad sometimes. Another I had to scratch was Anita.

    I won't use a name for a boy that even slightly leans toward the girls. (Lost Ellis because of this rule). This rule is mostly enforced by my husband.

    Family names always trump the flow of a name.

    Things that don't bother me: a name that is very different than the sibling's name, matching initials (not my fav, but ok if the name doesn't match other than the first initial), alliteration.
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    Not too many hard and fast rules,

    just a few thoughts.

    1) I hate it when the sounds blur. Michael London or Reid Dwarf. The blurred L or D sound harms both first and last names. I think your Eloise works though b/c it has a Z then an S sound.

    2) It should be a name I would not mind being named. For example, I love words deeply and thus some words occur to me as names, like Taffeta. That falls into the More Fun to Name Someone This Than to Be Named This category! (for me) Super name for a fluffy cat though.

    3) Alliteration can be nice or nasty. It just depends. Bertha Bottoms no but maybe yes to Sarah Simmons.

    4) Personally, I would never name a child a name that seems to me demonic or horrific in any way. I would not name my son Adolph or Manson or my daughter Lizzy or Borden or Bloodrayne. I know these might be beloved names to others, fine, but not to me.

    5) I would aim for names with nicknames that I like rather than nicknames I loathe. It's all a crap shoot anyway, but I would skip Charles which I love just because of Chuck which gives me the creeps. I'd keep Charles or Charleston as a middle name. In fact, that might be one of my middle name motivations: names I love but fear the nicknames! Like Elizabeth as a middle name, which I do like, but dislike Liz, Lizzie, Beth, etc.

    6) I like names that flow well, both including middle(s) and just first and last.

    7) Finally, because I have taught for so long, I would be wary of giving my son(s) names which could easily get the boy teased or labeled "gay" NOT out of homophobia but because that sort of "teasing" or bullying is rampant today. So while I love Percival and Peregrine and Lancelot and Wilkie and Digby, I might choose those for a middle name or my animal or even my lawnmower. Kids can be vicious to one another.

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