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    how did you know it was "the" name?

    We are expecting #3, and though it is still many, many months away, my husband and I are already panicking. We have two children and with our daughter, the moment we thought of the name (Isla) we were both struck by it and just knew it was the one. With our #2, we flipped through the pages of Baby Name Wizard, read the entry for Grant and agreed on the spot- that's our son! Since then we have read BNW cover to cover (multiple times), several times browsed the top 1,000 list, am a regular participant here and other baby name websites and read multpile baby name blogs and there just isn't a name for a boy or a girl that either my husband or I are taken by. We have a list of 5 or so that we think, eh, these would work...there's nothing "wrong" with these names. But none of them shout "pick me!" Should we take a three month break from the naming process or just leave our list as is and hope that over time one of the names grows on us? I feel like I can't stop searching for the perfect name to complete the sib set, but unless we use a made up name I literally think I have seen everything! *sigh*

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    I don't think I could take a 3 month break, maybe a few weeks. Read some of your favorite books again, watch a favorite movie, find out some historic family names. Maybe something from that will spark your interest and relieve some tension.

    From your list I love Brynn, (how about Bronwyn) and Emmett. How about Bennett or Celeste?

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    JULY! You have loads of time. Take a week off from "searching", try referring to the bump by the names you have listed & see how it feels. Maybe something will click for you if you take a break & come back to the hunt refreshed.
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    Previously, I've never considered the name Ulysses for a baby. However, around the time I conceived, that name kept appearing around me (in various forms - including The Ulysses butterfly form!). And so it just struck me as the "One" (or perhaps, the name 'told me', "hey, listen here mama, I'm the One!"), when I found out I was pregnant. However, I'm not having the same experience with a girl name, and my partner says that choosing a female name is proving more difficult for him too...however, I'm starting to like India a lot...but I seem to change my favorite girl name every few days it seems...
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    I agree with the pp on taking a week or two off from thinking about it.
    My favourite names were never favourites right away to be honest. Sometimes it just took looking at it at a certain time or from a different angle to realize the beauty and uniqueness.
    If it helps; I can see Rose or Harriet as a sister for your children, and Julian or Hollis for a brother.
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