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    Smile One last time for Amaryllis...I promise!

    Okay, sorry I've already posted a thread about this, but I'm really trying to narrow it down. (not that there's a real baby in question here, but just to have a set Amaryllis combo).

    I decided I want something starry for the first middle, though I'm not set on it.

    The finalists for sparkly Amaryllis are:

    Amaryllis Lyra Kate - I love how simple yet underused Lyra is, with a touch of fantasy (His Dark Materials) and a lovely association with the constellation.

    Amaryllis Estee Kate - Estee is a variation of Esther, so it means star. I know most think of Estee Lauder, but I wouldn't call that bad, and Estee sounds so French and magical to me.

    Amaryllis Vega Kate - I love that Vega is the main star in the constellation Lyra, but sadly I feel this combo doesn't flow...splendidly.

    Amaryllis Hesper Kate - Once again, Hesper means evening star, making it ideal. I think it flows well, and isn't too long or anything.

    Amaryllis Nova Kate - Nova is obviously star-related, from supernovas, but would you say it's trendy? It has felt kind of trendy lately. Also, Nova Kate kind of sounds to me like Novocain when said quickly.

    Any opinions are greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance!

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    Definitely Amaryllis Hesper Kate, although I think Amaryllis Hespera Kate is slightly nicer :-)

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    I adore Amaryllis

    and Kate and like many of your middle names, but somehow something something Kate, like Lyra Kate ends up sounding like "educate" or "lyracate" or "vegetate" --- like a process rather than two separate names.

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    Haley: Thanks darling! You're a gem. I do like Hespera as well.
    Leslie: I actually thought the same thing at one point, haha. That's why I got rid of Luna as a possibility, because it sounded like saying lunicate or something. I don't think it's as bad with Lyra though.

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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