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    I used to like Fiona

    but then a friend's daughter-in-law was a meth addict and that was her name, so that affected me.

    It sounds thin and stringy to me unlike Flora which sounds rich and delightful.

    Plus I prefer nicknames Florry and Flossie to Fee.

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    *Love.* Just how I envision a Fiona to be .

    Quote Originally Posted by lavendyr View Post
    I actually have a little Fiona! And while she's only 11 months old, she is def full of personality! She is anything but sweet and gentle haha. She's a little brute. She is just always full force and has so much personality, always demanding to be heard. We love her personality. Definitely has that spunk some others have mentioned!
    Quote Originally Posted by apollonia View Post
    Fiona's feisty and fearless. She definitely has spunk and quirk .
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    It's a pretty name and has a cartoon spin that I like

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    I like Fiona, but especially for the nickname Fee! It's so little and simple, but I love it
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    I LOVE the name Fiona. I think it's definitely in the "fearless" category- strong, intelligent, but sweet. The similar name- Fionna- is the name of the female-equivilent main character from the cartoon Adventure Time, and this name cojures the perfect image of her- a tough, curious, fun little adventurer...

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    - Fionn
    - Foxe
    - Freya
    - Fabienne

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    - Phyllis

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