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    Nov 2013

    Need name advice that sound sleek sophiscated & beautiful

    Our last name is Spence, I want something that is affluent sounding beautiful yet not overly used.
    Here are our top names so far:
    1. Blair
    2. Charlotte
    3. Ella
    4. Everly (Eva nickname)
    5. Isabel
    6. Lila
    7. Scarlett
    8. Violet

    Other names I like:
    - Harper

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    Nov 2012
    What do you think of Aralyn?

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    Nov 2013
    i hate that name.

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    Charlotte and Isabel meet your description except they are very popular.
    Violet is a little less popular and sounds nice with Spence.

    Ella Spence sounds a bit like one word- perhaps avoid that one.

    I think a 2-3 syllable name sounds good with your 1 syllable last name.
    Georgina is pretty.
    Amelia Spence sounds very classy
    Delilah Spence nn Lila sounds very cool.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    I love Ella, but I would give her a longer name. Maybe Elena Spence and call her Ella? I think Elena is sleek, sophisticated, and beautiful and lends itself beautiful to the nn Ella, which is my favorite from your list.

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