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    I have a big mouth, and couldn't just keep it to myself, although I really regret that now. It wasn't really my intention to tell people, but I told my mum, best friends, a few close friends at work, some extended family... basically everyone knows! Now every time I get together with friends, they watch to see if I have a drink or ask if I have any news, and it does irritate me. It's not been as simple as I thought it would be, and recently a change in circumstances has made me wonder if we should put off TTC for a few months. It hurts every time someone asks about it, I desperately want a baby!

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    I don't think I'll say anything when the time comes. I'll likely tell my best friend, who will tell her husband, I'm sure, haha, but I'll probably also preface with "Don't ask about it, I just want you to know, and to listen if I need to talk." Those two basically know everything that happens in my life, though.

    TTC is such a personal thing, and a personal journey. It's stressful enough, and I don't want people asking, "So, are you pregnant yet?!" especially when the answer is "no", and when TTC, that's usually a sore spot.
    I won't hide the fact that we're planning for a baby (I won't broadcast it either), but actively TTC? That's private information, I think.
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    I haven't made an "official announcement" about TTC and I'm not planning on it. At first, I was keeping it very quiet but as it's been a few months and I have a health issue that can cause infertility, I've opened up to a few friends. Going through the emotions of TTC in silence was making me not want to be around anyone, and even though online groups like the TTC forum are helpful, I needed to talk to friends who knew me in real life. In discussing TTC with a close friend, I discovered that it took her a year to conceive her third child and she ended up taking Clomid, which gave me encouragement that I'm not the only one having issues.

    I definitely would not tell the whole world about TTC and I avoid mentioning it to the kind of people who are likely to badger me, but I've found opening up to some close friends to be really helpful.
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    I'm only telling a handful of close friends (3.) I could never tell my Mom or any family.
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    We haven't come out and told anyone, but 3 or so of my close girlfriends have asked when we're going to start, so I was honest and said we're trying. We most definitely won't be telling family until we are pregnant.

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