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    Telling People You're TTC?

    Only my very close friends and my parents know we're even thinking about TTC, so I am wondering what you all think about telling people. Is it better to just announce when you're pregnant?
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    I think it's all personal preference. We're not ready yet, but when we are I don't think we're going to tell anyone, not even parents. I don't want the constant questions I know I'd get from some of my family members--"Sooo.... are you pregnant yet?" I mean, I'm already getting those questions and they have no idea we're even thinking about kids yet! So, personally I don't want the attention and wouldn't want to tell anyone until I had a positive pregnancy test. Again, though, all personal preference.

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    I was originally not going to tell anyone but we did tell two people in the end for practical reasons - me and my husband where to be their best man and matron of honour and they had planned wedding date right around the time we would be due, so yeah we told them, we get some awkward moments when we go over their place and their like "sooooo do you have any news" and you just know they want to ask if we are pregnant yet... kinda annoying actually..

    but as long as they arnt annoying ppl- like that, i see no reason not to tell others, i think if you do god forbid have a miscarriage having someone there to lean on would be a good idea.

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    I'm with @Northernlights. It's a personal preference but we aren't telling anyone until after there is an ultrasound. I am already sick of hearing "when are you going to have a baby," "why don't you have kids yet," and much more along the same lines, I can only imagine how it would be if they actually knew we were trying. Plus, I don't know how long it will take us so I think it will become heartbreaking if it takes a long time.
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    We're starting TTC in the spring of 2014. We're not telling any family, though we might tell our friends who are having a baby this month just to have a support system. My mother-in-law has been pushing for grandkids since the week we got engaged three years ago, and I don't want to have constant questions about it, particularly if it takes a long time or there are any fertility problems. Plus, I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings by telling my parents and not her, which would inevitably come out eventually.
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