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    Victor Ulysses Gale - yay or nay?

    Victor is a family name and honours a fantastic man who is no longer with us. Ulysses has long been a guilty pleasure name for both myself and DH. Gale is just a name I like the sound of. I think the single syllable ties the name together, and I like the repeated 'L' sound.

    In DH's family it is tradition to go by a middle name rather than first, so day-to-day he would be either Ulysses or Gale.

    One problem, I don't like the nickname Uly or Ul or Uls. What do you think of Seas? (and how would you spell it?)

    Other names I have been toying with:

    Beauregard, Finnegan, Frederick, Peregrin, Phineas, Mathias
    Eames, Gabe, Holmes, Roux

    Feel free to suggest others that are similar.
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    It's a big fat YAY from me! What an absolutely fantastic name!
    I personally prefer Gale as a day-to-day name: it's been put solidly on the boys' side by the Hunger Games character. Additionally, you say that Ulysses is a 'guilty pleasure' - which sounds more like it should stay more in the middle name spot to me (?) and that you don't really like any nicknames for it. Victor Ulysses Gale nn Gale is fabulous!
    Best of luck.

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    It's a 'yea' for me too. I think it sounds really good. It's a shame however Victor won't get used, and that you don't like Uly. I cant really think of any other good nicknames. Def not Seas, however you spell it. Lyssie sounds too girly. Just Lys?

    These names all have good nn options: Beauregard, Finnegan, Frederick, Peregrin.... if you did something like Victor Beauregard Eames...
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    I think Victor Ulysses Gale sounds great. But if you don't like any of the nn's for Ulysses I'd either use Gale as the day to day name or switch out Ulysses for another one of your options that you could imagine using more. It's hard to use the "guilty pleasure" name in the middle if the middle is what they will be really called!

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    Love everything about Victor Ulysses Gale. Also love Beauregard, Frederick, Mathias & Roux from your list. Frederick Beauregard Roux is another handsome combo.

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