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    Which of these strikes your fancy?

    Yesterday I posted about my two name crushes of the moment, Colette and Lily. I appreciate all the positive feedback but well, I'm still undecided lol Some of you said why not combine the two together and name her Colette Lily. I love the way that sounds by itself, but when you add our last name Farmer to the end it sounds more like a silly occupation than a name. WDYT?

    Also, although I personally don't know any Lily's myself, it's obviously a very popular name. I haven't decided if that bothers me enough to not use it yet. I think it's a classy, feminine name that will suit a little girl all the way to her elderly years, I just don't want her to have too many classmates with the same name. Some of you suggested Lila as an alternative to Lily. I almost forgot how much I love Lila! It was a name I loved for a long time and still do, I guess I just put it to the back of my mind because a lot of people were telling me how it will always be mispronounced as Lee-luh. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when I see Lila I automatically say Lie-luh.

    Here are my favorite Lily and Lila combinations. Which ones are your favorite?
    Lily Catherine
    Lily Simone
    Lila Victoria
    Lila Josephine

    Or do you like the combo Colette Lily the most?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for all your feedback

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