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    I'm so sorry about your father. Your experience with your dad sounds much like what it was with my grandmother in 2010 just before she passed--she was diagnosed with lung cancer (that eventually metastasized to her pancreas), and it was just a really sad situation. She had been living with my cousin, but his wife really hated my grandmother, I think, and refused to feed her, and she was pretty much starving to death. So we brought her to my house, and while I loved that I got closure with her and got to spend more time with her... I was also with her when she died. Which is still such a hard thing to remember. It's so hard to watch someone you love die like that. I'm just glad she's not suffering anymore.

    Arthur Rigby sounds like a great way to honor him, and the nn Bear is so cute! I love it. In general, I like Espen more, but I feel like many people are going to think you're hardcore ESPN fans. I think Arthur Rigby works much better in general.

    Can I ask what your son's name is? Maybe the nn Bear goes better with it than Arthur in full does?
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    Sorry to hear this! I'm with everyone else, in that I think honoring your father is the way to go, and Arthur just so happens to be a fantastic name anyway. I do like your idea of Rigby Arthur though, not so much because of the r's running into each other the other way around (Arthur Rigby)--that actually doesn't even bother me--but more because then you get to keep Asher Boone!

    All the best to you and your dad.
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    I would also use Arthur. Good luck!
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    I actually prefer Arthur to Espen, and and think the sweet family connection adds so much to the name as well. You won't regret Arthur. Best wishes to your dad.
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    Arthur Rigby or Rigby Arthur, either way it makes a great name, and I prefer either to Espen. Or you could switch to one of your other combos that also honor your dad -- but usually the more direct route to an "honor" name is best. I'm terribly sorry about your father right now though.

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