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    I prefer Maeve Eleanor. Gorgeous! How about:


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    Maeve is nice! Rowan is more a boy's name to me, and it's not really very Irish.
    I love Irish names as my partner is Irish and I work for the Irish government, so I hear them all the time. Some lovely ones to me are:

    Bronagh (pp Brona)
    Clodagh (pp Cloda)
    Emer (pp eemer)
    Fionnoula (pp Finn-ula)
    Muireann , Muirenn (pp mwirin)
    Niamh (pp Neve)
    Oonagh (pp Una)
    Roisin (pp Ro-sheen)
    Saoirse (pp Seer-sha)
    Sorcha (pp Sor-aka)
    Yseult (pp Ysolt)
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    Ailbhe (Alva) - noble and bright - this is one of my favourites and it has a nice strong meaning
    Caoimhe (Keeva or Kweeva) - beautiful, beloved
    Fionnuala (Fi-uh-noo-uh-la) - white/fair shoulders - I love this name too
    Saoirse (Seer-sha or Sair-sha) - liberty
    Eibhleann/Eibhlin (Ayve-leen) - pleasant, beautiful, radiant
    Eimear (ee-mer) - swift, the Eimear of legend possessed the 6 gifts of womanhood
    Meabh (Mayve) - she who intoxicates (not such a great meaning, but still a great name) or the cause of great joy (which is a much nicer meaning, though I'm not sure it's legit)
    Niamh (Nee-uh-v) - bright
    Orla/Orlaith - golden princess
    Una (oo-nuh) - lamb
    Roisin (roh-sheen) - little rose (another of my favourites)
    Sadhbh (Siev)- sweet, goodly
    Iseult/Yseult (ee-solt) - fair, light skinned - the name of a great Celtic heroine
    Aisling (Ash-ling) - dream or vision
    Aoibheann (Eev-an) - beautiful sheen
    Caitriona (Kuh-tree-na)
    Eilis (Ay/Ee-lish)
    Maire (myra or moyra) - Irish form of Mary - one suggested meaning is rebelliousness which I definitely think makes it a strong name though would maybe be asking for trouble... (I'm conveniently ignoring the meaning 'bitter' )

    EDIT - I actually love Rowan for a girl and definitely think it's a strong name, though I don't really think of it as Irish. To me, as a girls' name, it is a nature name (Rowan tree)
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    For me, Rowan is all boy. I love Maeve and it sounds beautiful paired w/ Eleanore. Another Irish name I love is Aoife. I know a little Aoife and she is so sweet. Brighid is also pretty and Siobhan. But honestly, Maeve Eleanore probably sounds the prettiest together!
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