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    Question Raphael and nicknames

    I've liked the name Raphael for years and have really been loving it since at least last fall. I also have a soft spot for the nicknames Raph (cool) and Raphi/Raphy (cute). However, I cannot decide which spelling I like better for Raphi/Raphy. Both sound like the name of the singer Raffi and rhyme with the name of the candy Laffy Taffy in my accent (they have the A sound in apple and an ee sound at the end). I want to keep the ph digraph from the full name in the nickname, and I don't want it to end in -ie, which seems slightly frivolous to me. I also don't like Raphe/Rafe (pronounced RAYF). Anyway, what do you think of the name Raphael? Which nickname spelling do you prefer?
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    not good,

    but I like Rafa.

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    I love Raphael. I'm not really a fan of the nicknames though. I prefer the Raphy spelling. Raphi looks like it should be "raf-eye."

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    I love Rafe or Rafa, and there's always Angel as an endearment.

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    I really love the name Rafael. I like it spelled with the 'f' not the 'ph'. Plus, Rafael is the ultimate sexy spanish name for boys and since I'm of spanish descent my parents love it. In addition, Rafael is the name of my crush and they call him Raf (raft without the t).
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