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    seems dated, and Eli seems rough, but of the two, I prefer Eli.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lesliemarion View Post
    seems dated, and Eli seems rough, but of the two, I prefer Eli.
    Thanks for your opinion. What do you mean by 'rough'?

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    I like Eli better, but I do prefer a more complete name like Elijah or Elliott. Neil is kind of nerdy sounding to me, but it's still nice. I think of Neil from Dead Poets Society, or Neil Diamond, or a teacher I used to have named Neil.
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    Although I really dislike Eli, it goes much better with Wren. Neil is a great name, but Neil Wren combines 2 1-syllable names, making it quite choppy...
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    Honestly, I love both. You really can't go wrong. If pressed, I would probably use Eli, but I think Neil is a strong, under-rated name. You have great taste!

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