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    Name for a Blind Character

    I need help naming a character in my new book. The book takes place in the future, so I'd like a kind of futuristic name. So now for a little background on the character: it's a girl, she's blind, and she has SUPERPOWERS!! It's sci-fi. Don't judge.
    She has echolocation, and she can... well, I'm not sure about that at the moment, either. So I need a name for her, and possibly a really really cool superpower, if you can help me with that, too. Thanks!

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    I recomend the names:

    Seren (or Serendipity)

    I'd also recomend going onto the superpower wiki. Just put that into google and it should come up. Plenty of ideas there but I think Astral Projection would be cool for a blind young (?) woman. That way for limited times she could use someone else's eyes. That'd be cool.

    Good luck, from Going_Merry

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