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    I'm not a fan of Nancy at all. To me it somehow seems simultaneously dated and childish. It peaked in the U.S. in the 1940s, but it still seems cutesy and insubstantial. I'm also turned off by the fact that "nancy" is sometimes used as a pejorative for an effeminate man. This name just doesn't work for me at all.

    Nancy originated as a nickname for Anne, so if someone really wanted to use it, I would encourage them to use Anne or a related name (Hannah, Annemarie, etc) as the legal name and then use Nancy as a nickname.

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    I'm not wild about the name, but if you want to love it, I would think the Nancy Drew series is all it would take. Any little girl would surely enjoy sharing a name with a young heroine of Nancy Drew's caliber.
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    I think it would make a cool retro nickname. Personally I find it a little insubstantial for a stand alone name. I would put it in the same category as Sally, Betsy, etc.
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    My initial thought was no but when I thought a out it for a minute I actually really like it! I think it's a sweet name for a little girl but I can also see it on an adult since there's already been a generation of Nancy's all grown up!

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    1. warm and pleasant

    2. too cutesy

    3. (nice) retro vibe

    4. too cutesy and childish; slang for effeminate man

    5. not wild about the name

    6. cool retro nickname

    7. sweet name

    8. ?
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