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    Luc Kyendra for my baby girls name?

    Is it ok to use LUC(look) for a baby girl?

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    I would assume a boy with Luc. It would be pronounced look? Or like the French pronunciation of Luc? I'm also not a big fan of the extra "y" in names. Why not just Kendra? Or is it supposed to be pronounced Ky (rhymes with Ty) and then -endra? I'm confused about both the first and middle.
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    I agree. I see Luc as a boys name, and Kendra is so much nicer, however I don't really see any flow if I'm honest.
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    Thanks !
    We want her nickname to be lucky thats why we come up of the name LUC KYENDRA.
    Our first option was Lucky Cassidy then we come up of Luc Kyendra but we still not decided.

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    You know the nickname doesn't have to be in the name? Lucy Kendra or Lucia Kendra would still make heaps of sense with the nickname Lucky.
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