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    Lawrence John Swapped
    Brady Carver initials
    Theodore Wayne changed mn
    Patrick Evan changed fn
    Andrew Oliver kept

    Emily Charlotte changed fn
    Taylor Grace initials
    Vera Natalie kept
    Eva Margaret swapped
    Juliet Caroline changedmn

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    Dec 2013
    Brady Carver (kept)
    Evan Patrick (swapped)
    Malachi John (changed FN)
    Theodore Cole (changed MN)
    Arley Orion (initials)

    Emily Charlotte (kept)
    Natalie Vera (swapped)
    Juliet Brynn (changed MN)
    Layla Margaret (changed FN)
    Taryn Giselle (initials)

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    Orion Arley swapped
    Evan Patrick kept
    Billy Carter initials
    William John changed fn
    Theodore Hudson changed mn

    Brynn Juliet swapped
    Natalie vera kept
    Trinity Gloria initials
    Jada Charlotte changed fn
    Layla Brianne Changed mn

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    Mar 2016
    Evan Patrick kept
    John William swapped
    Orion Amias changed mn
    Theodore Aurelian changed mn
    Balthazar Caspian initials

    Layla Brianne kept
    Vera Natalie swapped
    Ophelia Juliet changed fn
    Elodie Charlotte changed fn
    Tara Giselle initials
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    Feb 2013
    Evan Patrick (kept)
    William John (swapped)
    Theodore Scott (changed MN)
    Maxwell Caspian (changed FN)
    Owen Alexander (initials)

    Vera Natalie (kept)
    Juliet Ophelia (swapped)
    Layla Katherine (changed MN)
    Sophia Charlotte (changed FN)
    Tessa Genevieve (initials)
    Lindsey | 22 | College Senior | Child and Family Development Major
    Lila Eleanor | Margaret Grace | Juliet Naomi | Nora Genevieve | Molly Isabel |
    Natalie Joan | Tessa Harper | Audrey Katherine | Amelia Wren | Adeline Scarlett

    Henry Oliver | Jack Griffin | Elliot Mason | Charles Nolan | Evan Maxwell |
    Benjamin Carter | Thomas Elliot | Shepherd Matthew | Miles Robert | Noah Connor

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