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    Which Month Names Work?

    I'm seeing more month names pop up on Nameberry, if not (alas) in my classroom.

    I have my own associations with these words/names and am eager to see what others think. Which of these are cool words and which of these are actually viable names?

    (I put this in the Girls Forum because August seems the only viable boy option to me, though I am open to debate).

    My Month Name Associations:

    January and July
    For some reason, these sound like cheerleader yells to me (J-A-N-U-A...) and I don't favor them.

    Lovely month in Northern California and the feb- beginning matches the early spring fever we experience, but the "bru" sound is unfortunate.

    Great word, reminds me of singer Richard March and Alcott's March sisters, but a trifle commanding and John Phillip Sousa for a first name. I would like to name a cat Marchpane though (English for marzipan).

    April, May, June
    An acquaintance once told me her inner child was named April and I've been off it ever since. May is lovely and old-fashioned, though brief, and I adore June, both the name (I like June Cleaver) and the month (for a teacher, June is the Holy Grail).

    September, October, November
    Maybe it is because fall is my favorite season, but I love all of these. Each seems so much stronger and more vital than the dreaded April. Any parent choosing these would have to let go of nickname control.

    Cozy month, but I don't like the harsh-sounding first syllable and it might lead to "De" or "Dee" as a nickname, not my favorites.

    Any thoughts?

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    I think February's fine for a boy. The month is named after the Roman God Februus which I think is a better name though.

    For a girl I like June, it's very pretty and sweet, like a fresh breeze. January's kind of cool, and I find September charming. That is because I've just read a gorgeous book with a little lovely September in it though (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making). Ember's a cute nickname. I don't like November - what a dreary month, October sounds masculine. December's my favourite month but it sounds wrong as a name. July's pretty cute, April too. March has got something... but I think of mud. And that leaves May which is cute as a button and August which is perfectly fine - for a boy.
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    I love May and June for a girl and August for a boy.
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    I actually have a friend named March (male) He loves his name and is definitely one of a kind

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    My favorites are:


    September especially! I kind of prefer it on a boy, but I'm not sure how well it would wear : /
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