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    Need a non-generic one syllable middle name for Nova

    Our baby is due New Years, and we have Nova as the frontrunner on the list. We do one-syllable middle names for our girls, but I am looking for something with more wow-factor this time around. We already have used Rose, Mae, Grace, and Jane--but would like to give a little more wow factor to Nova, if indeed it could be done in a single syllable.

    Anyone got something that could really ZING for Nova? My DH is wanting to use Jean, but I just cant help but think there has to be another choice that might be more hip!!


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    Rose, Mae, Grace, and Jane are all so comfy-classic that I worry if you go with something too bold, it will seem out of place. Nova herself brings such style and pizazz to the name that she doesn't necessarily need a kick in the middle, but I see your dilemma. Here are some one-syllable options to consider:

    Nova Belle - Belle is feminine and glitzy. I don't know if I love it with Nova, but it has a moderate punch appeal to me.
    Nova Bree
    Nova Blair
    Nova Cate
    Nova Clare - Clare is soft and elegant like Rose, Mae, Grace, and Jane.
    Nova Dell
    Nova Jules
    Nova Kit
    Nova Lou - This has the same nickname-y feel as vintage Mae. As does Kit above it, actually.
    Nova Lee
    Nova Lux - This is perhaps the boldest option on my list.
    Nova Pearl - Pearl is the ultimate in vintage snazzy appeal! She stands out but has the same feel as Rose, Mae, Grace, and Jane.
    Nova Paige
    Nova Rue
    Nova Sage
    Nova Tess
    Nova Wren
    Nova West

    Best of luck!

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    Nova Reve (Dream in French)

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    I am sorry if there are any repeats: Here is what I would do with Nova (which I love!!!!)

    Nova Quinn or Nova Lark* love lark

    Nova Jay (blue jay) or Nova Kyle

    Nova Reese/Rhys or Nova Bryn

    Nova Bree* love bree or Nova Kay (old fashioned and under-used female choice)

    Nova Ace (then you could call her novice as a pet nn ??) (I only thought of ace b/c I like it as a nn for Candace)

    Nova Harp or Nova Ruth* love ruth lately

    Nova Kai (has many different meaning depending on its origin)

    Nova Bay or Nova Quartz* (clear quartz is gorgeous and one of the most powerful crystals)

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