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    Hmmm so many lovely suggestions, I'll try to come up with some unusual ones...

    Something "wordy":
    Nova Storm
    Nova Gem
    Nova Jewel
    Nova Plum
    Nova Dawn
    Nova Peach
    Nova Briar...

    Some strong ones:
    Nova Brigh (Bree)
    Nova Blake
    Nova Blair
    Nova Rue
    Nova Jayne
    Nova Jen
    Nova Zelle
    Nova Rhys

    Some assonance ones (playing with the "o" or "v" sounds):
    Nova Maeve
    Nova Eve
    Nova Joy
    Nova Viv
    Nova Chloe (I know it's 2 syllables, but it sounds soft)

    Nova is a really beautiful name.

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    hmm.... I agree most of the choices you listed in the beginning are generic, although I did like most of them especially Nova Jean. Is Jean honoring anyone like (a Jean, a Jane, or a John)? I am giving you international variations to look through and I second someone else's Nova Jeanne. I also like Nova Siobhan although it's not one syllable.

    I would try to decide what direction to go in and then pick a middle name. If you like natural names I like Nova Wren, Nova Jade, or Nova Fern. If you like modern names, Nova Elle, Nova Bree, or Nova Shea. If you want a more traditional middle name, Nova Ruth, Nova Eve, or Nova Pearl. If you want a lovely meaning name, Nova Hope, Nova Blythe, or Nova Heart.
    I think thinking about what you want the name to be like will help you find the perfect one!
    Good Luck!
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