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    CAF with Double Middles

    DH: S J
    DW: F O

    Child 1: You choose the gender.

    If it's a girl, choose a first name honouring the mother.
    If it's a boy, choose a first name honouring the father.

    The first middle honours one of your family members, and the second middle is based off a fiction character.

    Child 2 & 3:

    If you are wearing blue, green, purple, pink or red shirt, you have B/G twins.
    If you are wearing brown, black, white, grey or yellow shirt, you have B/B twins.
    If you are wearing a whole lot of colours, or an orange shirt, you have G/G twins.

    The first names start with any letters out of your first name.
    The first middles are nature related.
    The second middles starts with Q.

    Child 4: girl.

    The first name must be a feminisation.
    The first middle honours one of the siblings above.
    The second middle is your choice.
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