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    help with Austin...

    We have finally found another name we like other then Chase and Preston. we need suggestions on names that flow with Austin.

    My favorite names are: Cole, Chase, Preston, Ryan, Kian, Andre (middle only),

    Hubby's favorite: Dylan, Chase, Preston, Bryce (middle only),

    Any suggestions would be welcome. Finding the perfect name is hard!

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    Austin Cole, Austin Chase, and Austin Andre work. You both have Chase on your favorite list so I would go with Austin Chase. Handsome, fun combo.

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    I agree with lovemysweeties--if you both love Chase, let him be Austin Chase! Otherwise you might consider:
    Austin Blake
    Austin Cade
    Austin Clark
    Austin Clay
    Austin Grant
    Austin Jude
    Austin Reed
    Austin Rhett
    Austin Vance

    To my ears, Austin flows the best with crisp, monosyllabic middles that don't begin or end in "n".

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