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    What about Manya? Mary and Manya both have been popular names in my family tree.
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    Mara was on my list for a while! I think of Mara Wilson in "Matilda" --so CUTE!

    ETA after reviewing my signature--it's still on my list!
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    I just like Mary! Its a beautiful, classic name! (see my signature!)

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    Mara and Maura are my favourites of the ones you listed, and I'm considering using one of them, though I haven't yet decided which.

    I also like:
    Marie - (but can't use with our surname, has awkward flow). Marie has a wonderful delicate vintage sound to me, like eyelet lace, and works alone or in a French-style double-barrel.
    Miriam - Classic and beautiful. Doesn't work with our surname.
    Mariamne - Obscure but lovely, an interesting alternative to Penelope.
    Molly - In my family, this one stands alone, it pops up on the family tree a few times a hundred or so years ago, legally Molly, never Mary. I love Molly by itself.
    Mae / May - Another nickname form I like.

    And of Mary-involved smushes, I adore:

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    Mary with Marielle and Marietta being runners up Oh and while it doesn't mean the same I also love Amara.
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