View Poll Results: Which Anne of Green Gables Names Do You Like?

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  • Matthew

    8 12.12%
  • Gilbert

    14 21.21%
  • Fred

    1 1.52%
  • Walter

    9 13.64%
  • Jem

    16 24.24%
  • Owen

    13 19.70%
  • Kenneth

    1 1.52%
  • Moody

    3 4.55%
  • Spurgeon

    0 0%
  • Billy

    1 1.52%
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    @chrisco- Oh, I totally forgot there was a ninth book! I've read the eight "original" ones at least like twice each (and some of them probably like ten times), bought the ninth but my to-read list is forever growing (faster than I can complete a book) and thus it'd be impossible to read everything on it.
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    From your listed names, I love Matthew, Walter, Gilbert, Owen, and Kenneth.
    I love James and Jem as a nickname and not Jem on it's own same with Jims.
    Names not on your list I love on your Davy, Jonas, Marshall, and Carl.
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    James, nn Jem. Swoon.

    And Gilbert. I think the character was my first love. I wanted a Gilbert in my life.
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    Walter, Gilbert, and Jem!!

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