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    PART 1:

    Wrote my comments for each name, phew. Sorry if some of the comments are short, I was getting tired and some names I didn't have much to say about, just flat out don't like them.
    Favorites are bold and underlined!

    Adelaide ~Honestly, not a huge fan of this name, but I guess it's growing on me. I keep thinking of kool-aid when I read it though. That's just me though.
    Adelle/Audelle ~I like that the spelling of Adelle is different but that's about it. Not a fan of Audelle though.
    Allifair ~Seems more like a boys name to me because of it's similarities to Alastair.
    Althea nn Thea ~Thea is a cute name, other than that...I'm not a fan.
    Alys/Alyse/Alice ~Alice would be okay as a first name but if you wanna use Alys or Alyse, I suggest going the middle name route.
    Ansel ~Seems more masculine to me.
    Antigone ~I may be the only one who supports this but I guess it's a slight GP of mine, I'd never use it myself but...I do like it!!
    Araminta ~Not even 100% sure on the pronunciation...
    Asia ~I like some place names, not this one though.
    Astoria ~Story is big and I don't care for it, I feel like this is a good name where you could use Story as a nn if you really liked Story. Kind of a cute name though.
    Auden (a spin of Audrey after Audrey Hepburn, and my favorite season, Autumn) ~Not a huge fan of this, however I'm favoriting it because I love you reasoning!! Names with meaning to you are the best!!
    Aurora nn Rory ~Love this! Wanted to use it myself honestly but there are other names I like more at the moment, plus I'm having boys now anyway. Haha! It is adorable though and Rory as a nn is just perfect.
    Beatrice/Bettrys nn Bea ~Ahh, sigh. So nice to see Beatrice instead of Beatrix on here. I don't really care for the name, but it is nice to see. Bea is such a cute nn!
    Bellamy mn maybe? ~If you're gonna use this, I definitely suggest it only as a mn. Not a fan.
    Blaine nn Bea ~This is pretty cute, I feel like it's slightly more masculine though, the nn Bea gives it that feminine feel.
    Blush (probably my favorite color name) ~This is actually kind of cute. If all other color names can be used, why not this one? Give it life!
    Blythe ~I never know how to pronounce this!!!! This name frustrates me on so many levels. Definitely not a fan!!!
    Chelsea ~Pretty cute name. Definitely one of your better ones thus far. It's on my list though I'm sure I'll never use it.
    Chloe nn Clover or Clovis ~Uh, not sure how Chloe turns to Clover....I could see Clover...Clo...turning into Chloe but I have a hard time seeing it the other way. I definitely suggest Clover over Clovis though and I do like Clover and Chloe individually.
    Claire ~Cute, I think it makes an adorable mn (for my style) but if you like it as a first, go for it! Claire and Alice?
    Cordelia nn Cory or Coco ~This is another one where I think the nn is a bit of a stretch but not a fan of any of this honestly.
    Cornelia ~This is a little better, though I think of the masculine form Cornelius almost immediately.
    Darby's okay. I think Darcy is better though I don't care for either.
    Dandelion ~This is cute. No Dandy as a nn? xD hahaha!
    Danieli (dan-yell-lee) ~Kind of 'trendy' (though I hate when people say that about a name, sigh) however, it's a unique twist to Danielle and if you prefer the unique names, more power to you!
    Edith/Edythe ~Not a fan as a first name, okay middle name though!
    Eilidh ~......huh? Not even sure how to start to pronounce this haha sorry!
    Eleanora ~Not really a fan of this, but it's not the worst.
    Eliza ~...This isn't too bad I guess...
    Ellanoir ~Um, I like the Ella part, I feel like noir ruins it though.
    Elodie ~Kinda cute. There's better on here though.
    Elowen nn Elle or Wren ~Not a fan of Elowen exactly but I do like the nns you have for it. Wren especially!
    Elsinore ~Not sure how to pronounce this so, nope.
    Elspeth ~Another that I'm unsure how to pronounce.
    Elsyve (made this one up myself , pronounced, else-iv) ~I actually think pronouncing it Else-eve would be better. I do like the spelling though. Seems like a name that would be around.
    Eluned ~Not sure how to pronounce but it just doesn't look feminine at all.
    Emerald nn Emmy ~Adorable!!!! Love it.
    Emily nn Emma ~I don't think Emma would be a good nn for Emily. I say use one or the other, and I'm biased but my vote is for Emma!!!
    Endellion ~Seems a bit more masculine to me honestly but not too bad.
    Enid ~Would be an okay middle name I guess. I feel like it's a bit outdated though.
    Ethel ~Another fairly outdated name. Better than Enid though.
    Etta ~Kind of cute. I think I might like this over Ella.
    Eulalie ~Not sure how to pronounce.
    Eunice ~This one makes me feel like I'm saying something disgusting. Just feels like a word for something gross. I don't like it as a person's name!
    Fiona nn Fig (personal reason for the nn Fig, lol) ~Love the name Fiona, I think Fig would be a cute nn if you had a specific reason for it!
    Florence ~Kind of a pretty place name. Not the best but I do like it.
    Francesca nn Frankie ~...sigh. Francesca is eh, okay. Not a fan of Frankie for a girl though.
    Gilda ~I feel like this is something that would be the name of a television dinosaur or stuffed one. NOT SURE WHY HAHA.
    Gwendolen nn Dolly, Gwen, and/or Wendy ~I really don't like Gwendolen, like at all. It's nice to see different nns rather than Gwen though.
    Hazyl nn Haze ~Not a fan of Hazel originally, and I definitely don't care for this spelling. Plus, I think it'd be a baaad idea for a nn to be Haze!
    Hazyn nn Haze ~This is even worse, sorry.
    Hepburn ~I'm assuming this is because of your Aubrey Hepburn crush. I think this would be a cute mn but, I wouldn't use it as a first.
    Hilde ~Not a fan of this. Too outdated for my taste.
    Ingrid nn Indie or Isa ~I don't like this at all. Indie is a cute nn but not for this name.
    Irelyn ~I do like Ireland, but this is eh. Ireland is way better sorry!
    Isa ~Makes me think of Isadora which I don't like.
    Isadora nn Isa ~And here it is....nope. Sorry.
    Isla ~This is alright. I'm not a big fan of I names really.
    Isolde/Isotta ~Nope, not a fan.
    Izmir (it's a city in Turkey) ~I would use this as a mn if Turkey is special to you in someway, otherwise I'd stay away.
    Jane nn Janebird (family name) ~Since it's a family name, I recommend it as a middle name, though I do like it.
    Jolie ~This has been growing on me. Kinda cute. Figured I haven't favorited that many, so I did to this one.
    Juniper nn Juno ~Juniper has been growing on me as a middle name. I do like Juno on it's own though!!
    Juno ~THERE WE GO! Yes. Juno, love it. Antigone and Juno? Swoon.
    Katy/Kate/Cate ~Not a fan, I've known too many, sorry.
    Kandee (after my favorite makeup artist, Kandee Johnson) ~I do like that your reasoning however, most people would judge you for this choice, so if you choose it, be prepared for that. Maybe as a middle?
    Kinsley ~This is actually pretty cute!
    Laguna ~Laguna Beach? No. Wouldn't recommend it.
    Lennox ~I like this on a boy, not on a girl.
    Lila ~A fairly cute name, but I do like other L names more. (i.e. Lola, Lucy, Leah)
    Lilac nn Lila ~This would be cute.
    Lily/Lilly ~Not a fan of Lily, like at all. I prefer the flower names Daisy and Violet.
    Llewellyn nn Lulu ~Not 100% sure how to pronounce this, kinda like the nn Lulu though.
    London ~Not one of the better place names.
    Lottie (family name) ~The longer version of Lottie is usually Letitia, in case you didn't know that. I suggest family names work better as middle names.
    Lotus ~Not a fan of this. There are better names.
    Lulu ~Ahh Lulu. Adorable. While I think this is cute, I think it's better to have a full name and use this as a nn.
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    PART 2: (silly nameberry limit)

    Magnolia ~This isn't too bad, though I can't really picture a little Magnolia.
    Margo ~Definitely not my style.
    Marilyn ~Not really a fan of this honestly.
    Marlowe ~Nope, wouldn't suggest it.
    McKinnley ~This is cute but it looks too surname-y with the capital K.
    Meryl ~This isn't too bad but eh, not the best either.
    Millicent nn Lily/Lilli (can't stand the nn Milly) ~This is cute and I agree with the nn Milly, though I don't like Lily either!
    Monroe ~MY FAVORITE NAME RIGHT NOW. My SO and I decided if our next child was a girl, this would be her name!!! Love it!!!!!!! I can't stress it enough!!!!!
    Molly ~Pretty cute, though I think it's getting semi-popular. I've met a few little Molly's lately...then again, that may stop for a little with the drug. Who knows.
    Myfanwy ~My fanny? That's seriously the first thing I thought of when I saw this.
    Nary ~Not a fan. Not even sure how to say it or if it's a name.
    Navy ~This is okay, but I can't decide which gender I'd put it under so....
    Nicola/Nicole ~Not a huge fan of this. I only use Nicole as a mn to honor her father, who I don't care for yeah.
    Noemi ~This is okay....not sure I like it though.
    Nora ~Nora is sooo cute!!!
    Novis ~Eh, I don't recommend this.
    Odette ~This is actually my second favorite O name for girls, next to Olivia obviously. I'd use it as a middle name though.
    Olivia ~Olivia is adorable!!! Love it.
    Opal ~I only like this as a mn honestly.
    Ophelia ~I guess this is okay....
    Orchid ~I would say this is okay but then I saw the other poster say it's meaning!!!!! Yuck!!!
    Othella ~Oh this is unique, I kinda like it.
    Ottilie nn Lottie ~I do like Lottie, not a fan of this full name though.
    Ottoline nn Lottie ~Again, I like Lottie, not a fan of the full name.
    Paloma nn Plum ~I do not like this name or the nickname with it, leaves a bad taste in my mouth!
    Paris ~A lot like London in my eyes.
    Peony ~Another one that frustrates me with pronunciation!!!
    Phaedra ~No clue on pronunciation.
    Philippa ~Sometimes the female form of male names work, doesn't.
    Philomena ~Not sure on pronunciation.
    Phoenix ~Not sure if this is more for a boy or a girl....
    Pippin ~While I like Piper, not a fan of this!
    Reisel/Resel art easel? Sigh. No.
    Reverie ~I've seen another poster mention this name before. HOW IS IT EVEN PRONOUNCED!? I'm genuinely curious. Rev-er-e?
    Riordan nn Rory ~I like Rory but not Riordan
    Róisín/Rhosyn ~Not sure how to pronounce this.
    Scarlet/Scarlett ~I really..dislike..when people spell it with one T, looks so wrong to me, no clue why. I do love the name though.
    Scotlyn ~Okay, this is a lot like Irelyn, however with that I prefer Ireland. With this I think I do like Scotlyn better than Scotland. It does sorta look like it's spelled wrong though, so maybe try Scotlynn? Just a suggestion. Either work.
    Shirley ~I just think of Temple and I don't care for it because of that honestly.
    Skylark ~This seems like a way to make Skyler masculine....sorry.
    Stevia (my dad's name is Steven, but I'm still not sure about this one, lol) ~Yeah I would suggest not using this for a girl, rather using Steven as a middle name for a boy.
    Surrey ~Seems masculine to me, not sure why.
    Sutton ~Another name that seems masculine.
    Tabitha ~This name seems really dark to me. I've never cared for it.
    Talitha ~Not sure what this is supposed to be so no.
    Thalassa ~Another one that's a no, not sure how to pronounce that.
    Thea ~Thea is cute by itself!!!
    Thessaly ~No...but might I suggest Tessa?
    Thelma ~AND LOUISE! Wow. Sorry, had to. Not a fan though.
    Thistle ~Whistle Thistle. Not a fan.
    Whimsy ~Whimsical Not a fan.
    Whitley ~This is okay I guess, prefer Whitney.
    Willa nn Willow ~NOPE. I'm not a big fan of W names, especially Willow. The name irks me!!!
    Willamina/Wilhelmina nn Willa, and/or Willow ~See above, no W or Willow. Wilhelmina is a name I've never liked anyway!
    Willow nn Willa ~No Willow.
    Winifred nn Winnie ~This is the one W name you have that's actually pretty okay. Winnie is a cute nn.
    Winnie ~I like Winnie as a nn but I don't think it stands alone well.
    Winslet nn Winnie ~Oooo, I do like this!!! Winnie is a cute nn for it. I think I like this better than Winifred honestly.
    Yvette nn Yv/Ev ~This is alright. One of the only okay Y names really. I think I'm a little weird and like Evette better....No clue why.

    Sorry if I offended you in any of this, I tend to get weird as I get tired. Started strong though xD Almost gave up but wanted to finish for you.
    Hope this helped!
    Best wishes.

    PS, it seems like a lot of your names are movie and/or actress inspired. Haha, cute!
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
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    It's nearly impossible to respond to this properly on a phone, so even tho most of my posts are positive, I'm just going to point out a few things I see as negatives. You have a ton of beautiful names! But...

    Stevia is a plant derived sweetener used as a sugar substitute. It's pretty popular where I am, I wouldn't use it for a name.

    Spelling Hazel with a y cheapens it for me, makes it look a inauthentic and a bit trashy. That said, I love the name Hazel spelled this way. Not a fan if Hazyn either.

    Why add an n to McKinley? Adding letters to a known name does nothing to enhance the name. Not my favorite for a girl either way.

    Finally, I see Emily and Emma as different names, so I don't get using one as a nn for the other. Same with Elowen and Wren.

    I only got thru the A's with ones I love, but Althea nn Thea, Araminta, Aurora nn Rory, and Auden are keepers IMO!
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    My favourites:

    Auden (a spin of Audrey after Audrey Hepburn, and my favorite season, Autumn)
    Beatrice/Bettrys nn Bea
    Francesca nn Frankie (I also like Cheska as a nn)
    Ingrid nn Indie or Isa
    Juniper nn Juno
    Willa nn Willow
    Jessica. 24. Just a curious Britberry.

    Cora Madeleine | Eira Margot | Lyra Marigold | Maeva Ysanne | Nancy Arabella | Sybil Arietta
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    Other Favourites
    Louisa, Isobel, Sloane, Zosia, Hestia, Cecily, Wallis, Demelza
    Lorcan, Otis, Maxwell, Killian, Dominic, Arthur, Reuben, Cyrus

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    I like these ones:
    Althea nn Thea (there's a place called Altea near where I used to live, and it was a lovely town, this conjures up really pretty imagery)
    Beatrice/Bettrys nn Bea
    Cordelia (both nns render the name unappealing, but I love Cordelia)
    Fiona nn Fig
    Francesca (Frankie ruins it for me, though)
    Lilac nn Lila
    Millicent nn Lily/Lilli
    Ottoline nn Lottie

    With my absolutely favourites being:
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    EDD: 4/14/2018 It's a girl!

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