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Thread: Star Names?

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    I am fan of stars as well, I've be obsessed for some time now
    Other names that give of this sort of image in my mind are:
    Angeline/Evangeline - Just because they kind of remind of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, like an angel coming down to earth via a star.
    Elena - Kind of reminds of that moment when you look at the night sky and you see this beautiful star winking at you. Just so bright and you feel as though you can reach out and touch it!
    Mazarine - I once read this passage in a novel called Tinkers, 'Next fell the stars, tinkling about him like ornaments of heaven shaken loose. Finally, the black vastation itself came untacked...' I thought it was beautiful imagery and I feel like Mazarine kind of fits that.
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    Cosima is so ravishing, I have such a deep and profound love for it.

    Asta ("star-like")
    Astraea/Astraia ("star-maiden")
    Citlali ("star")
    Hesper ("evening star")
    Hester ("star")
    Nova (a star that suddenly becomes extraordinarily bright following an explosion at its surface)
    Seren ("star")
    Seshat/Sesheta (Egyptian goddess of astronomy and astrology among other things)
    Vespera ("evening star")
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    Larissa - Seren! Oh, goodness, I don't know how I missed that. I really like it, but I'm not sure how I would fit it on my list. I'm not sure I can see me easily fitting it into any of my combos. Hmm.

    @stripedsocks - I actually sort of like Roxelana. I had planned on using it in a story, when I was really crushing on Lana/Lanna(h). I'm not sure I would use it anymore, though. I do love the suggestions of Ayelet and Vesper, though. I've always really liked both. What's the story behind Ayelet? I feel like I've heard that there's a story behind the Hebrew Ayelet, and I even think someone's told me before, but I've forgotten what it is. I even rather like the idea of Etoile. And annoying? What about your post could have possibly been annoying? I liked like... three of your ideas, haha.
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    Ayelet (eye-yell-it) literally means "gazelle" (sometimes translated as "deer") but is taken from the Hebrew expression Ayelet HaShahar which means "gazelle of dawn" and is a reference to the morning star.

    I'm not sure which whole story you're remembering, it's got a fairly lush/multi-faceted amount of story and weight to it, spiritually, but I found this passage and I thought it was kinda neat:

    The ayelet -- the female gazelle or deer, whose name is also given to the morning star, ayelet ha-shachar ("gazelle of the dawn") -- is the subject of several biblical verses and midrashic legends. Some of them are so strange in their imagery that they seem to have come from much more ancient myths. The authors of the Zohar, immersed in the words of the Torah and Midrash, weave together strands from these earlier texts and accentuate their strangeness and their mythic dimension. In the Zohar the gazelle who is described in such emotional and human-like terms is Malkhut. She is also called the Glory (Kavod) of God, and to Her are applied verses from "Eshet Chayil", a passage from Proverbs in praise of a capable woman, which is traditionally sung at the table on Friday night in praise of both the woman of the house and the Shekhinah.

    As the verse from Psalm 42 suggests -- "like a gazelle, as she moans for streams of water, so my soul moans for you, G-d" -- this is also a story about the soul, about each one of us. It is a story that lends itself to visualization or guided meditation. The meanings of the story -- for example, where the gazelle's journey takes her and what the powers are that she encounters -- are not clear, and the commentators disagree. But her strength, compassion and courage shine through very clearly.
    It makes, I think, an interesting choice for a girl. However, the pronunciation confuses people and I've occasionally seen suggestions to spell it Iyelet? I don't know if that actually clears anything up though, lol.

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    My first thought, even though it doesn't have a star based meaning, was Luna (meaning moon.) It reminds me of the song Clair de Lune and I love it. I will search for some others tonight.
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