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    Honest Opinions On Tatiana

    In another thread of mine Tatiana was suggested. I use really like Tatiana, but took it off my list because I thought it was too frilly. I'm not sure if it goes with my other girl names. I also still think it's a super frilly name, but I'm still drawn to it. I would love to hear other opinions on it.

    What are your thoughts on Tatiana?
    Does it fit with Rosemary, Caroline, Davina and Madeleine?

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    Tatiana is a lovely name in theory, but it's also a mouthful. It also sounds a bit harsher when put against your other names.

    It always reminds me of the Romanov Family as well, which is quite haunting. I can't imagine everyone would feel that way though.

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    While Tatiana is lovely, it doesn't really suit the other names on your list. Tatiana is stern, regal, and beautiful in an icy way. Your other names are more fun and remind me of June.
    Like @alwaysben, I think of the Romanov family.

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    I adore Tatiana; but it doesn't really "go" with any of my other names. If I ever used it, it'd probably go in the middle name spot, just because I think that's the only way I think it could work. Personally, I don't find the Romanov association off putting, because I studied their history from the time I was four years-old and incredibly passionate about it. So I find their story sad and yet the name honourable. It's also way better than Titania.
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    Tatiana is lovely. I love the Romanov association, don't find it to be daunting at all! Tatiana goes best with Davina on your list but it doesn't really sound too bad with the other names on your list.

    To me, Tatiana is anything but super frilly. I see it as a strong feminine name that happens to end in -a.
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