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Thread: Twins!

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgiaelizabeth12 View Post
    I'm not really sure how to start this, but an introduction would be good, so hi - I'm Georgia! I originally joined nameberry to make a list of my favourite names, as I've been stalking the lists for months now, and I think it's about time I became a official berry. However, I then discovered the amazing little forum and I knew I had to post.

    I'm currently blessed to be pregnant with twin girlies, which are set to arrive in January, and I'd love some help with names. My husband is completely hopeless, and doesn't really mind with names, as long as it's not too outrageous, so I'm in need of advice and opinions and I'm pretty certain I'm in the right place!

    We already have one son, Henry Jude, although he sometimes goes as Harry, so names with nicknames are fine. I'm not really looking for the names to match as such, it's whatever I fall in love with. I'm wanting to stay away from what I'd class as bland names. I think Georgia Elizabeth, while nice is a bit bland, and I'd like more exciting names for my children. Our last name is Morgan if this is any help.

    Some names that I like at the minute are;
    Cora, Lavinia, Juniper, Willow, Sienna, Arabella, Jemima, Lilith, Pippa, Wren, Elowen, Luna, Serena, Agatha, Isadora, Lila, Elodie, Elena, Seren, Laurel, Rue and Clover.

    Sorry for the crazily long list - this is why I need help! Opinions on the names would be lovely, along with first/middle name and twin combinations. I'm up for suggestions too! I'm sure you established berries can think of millions of lovely names

    Awaiting replies,
    New berry, Georgia!
    Hey newbie

    Firstly congrats! Secondly love your son's name - Henry Jude - it's a great choice. Very handsome. I think you should stick with this classic style.

    My favourites are...
    Cora - a lovely choice it's sweet, poetic, and elegant. Cora has a great style and is defiantly a hipster darling. She sounds great with Henry. Henry & Cora make a great sibling combination.

    Lavinia - I'm really not into this choice, for me it's generally not very attractive it just doesn't appeal.

    Juniper - I'm sorry about negativity going on here, it's just not my style, all I can think when I see this name is Jew-nipper. I'd rather prefer Juna or Juno to be honest.

    Willow - A gorgeous name, effortless and very hippy. Willow has a great style and feels elegant. I also love the nature inspired freshness of this choice. I'd prefer Willow as middle name just because Henry is so classic paired with Willow it feels slightly random. I think I'd prefer Cora Willow & Henry Jude it'd be great.

    Sienna - Another lovely choice, it's very sweet and has a lovely sound. I also like the close connection to Siena (the Tuscany city) it's just really effortless. I like how Henry works with Sienna it feels really southern in away, a style I like it.

    Arabella - A beautiful classic name. She sounds so Italian and effortless. I adore how pretty she looks, how she simply flows so well, and feels lovely. I adore the Bella nickname for Arabella. She's just a cool twist on Isabella! Arabella works brilliantly well with Henry. Henry & Arabella have a brilliant sound together.

    Jemima - Another great classic. Jemima has this lovely elegant vibe, feels so upper-crust Brit, and spunky. She conjures up images of Jemima Puddle duck, Beatrix Potter, and the beautiful rural landscapes. I love the potential nickname of Jem which is just cute. As well as Mimi. But the fact that there is an American racial slur attached to this name which is just so sad. If I was American I wouldn't use this.

    Lilith - This name as an intriguing pretty vibe but at the same time has negative connotations through Jewish mythology. Due to this she isn't my favourite 'Lily' name. The mythological connotations aren't appeasing especially as somebody who by default is Jewish ; )

    Pippa - She's cute and sparky. Pippa is a sweet choice and works effortlessly well with Henry. Henry & Pippa sound brilliant together very cute and spunky. It's a sweet pairing. So natural and elegant. Very British.

    Wren - A lovely nature name, with a great sound and chirpy atmosphere surrounding her. I dislike Henry & Wren as pairing though, I'd prefer Wren as a middle name to be honest. A combination like Pippa Wren so cute.

    Elowen - A lovely Cornish choice which feels really natural and elegant. It's a lovely name very natural and looks so elegant. I also love the Elle nickname for Elowen it's very sweet. A lovely choice with Henry. Sounds so rural, it's a great sound.

    Luna - A lovely Spanish name which the gorgeous meaning 'moon' it's a lovely darling choice. Luna feels very effortless and conjures up images of the moon, the night sky, stars etc. It's a lovely name. Henry & Luna is a darling combination very sweet.

    Serena - Another lovely name. Serena has a very sweet sound and looks very cute. I like the spunk of Serena and the how the name feels very pretty and has a lovely melodic sound.

    Agatha - Hmm unsure...

    Isadora - Another great choice. Isadora has a very wholesome sound and looks very pretty. I love the Adora nickname as well which just feels so zippy and cool. I also love the potential Izzy nickname. She's a great twist on the common Isabella. Isadora with Henry sounds good.

    Lila - It's a vibrant pretty choice. Lila looks lovely and feels very wholesome. A lovely choice.

    Elodie - Nah not a fan of Elodie it's a little strange in sound.

    Elena - A lovely name with a really sweet, elegant sound. Elena has a really brilliant vibe and feels very wholesome. She's a strong candidate. I like how Henry sounds with Elena as well. It's an appealing choice. I like the Elle/Ellie nickname.

    Seren - Prefer Serena. Seren feels slightly cut off.

    Laurel - Laura is my mother's name thus I tend to like a lot of 'Laura' choices including Laurel which sounds very elegant and has a very regal presence. Laurel is a nice choice and I also like the Lori nickname.

    Rue - I prefer as a nickname.

    Clover - Another lovely name very sweet and has a cute natural sound. I like how Henry sounds with Clover. Clover & Henry is a great combination.


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    I notice that you favor many names with a certain vintage charm which would match well with Henry. These are the ones I think would make the best combos since they all share a similar feeling. I like Lila it's pretty but of all your names the one that has become the most popular, verging on overuse.

    Elodie-I prefer Melodie or Melody but this is unique

    Some suggested combinations:
    Agatha & Arabella
    Arabella & Isadora
    Cora & Lavinia
    Lilith & Elodie
    Serena & Jemima
    Lilith & Lavinia

    Best of luck!

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