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Thread: Twin trouble

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    Twin trouble

    Although we have been hashing names back & forth for 6 years, we are finally closing the gap & finding some slightly more similar names to agree on. Then we found out we are expecting twins!!

    We have not found out the sexes. If they are girls we think they will be Eloisa & Felicia ("fey-LEE-see-uh") (with the Latin pronunciation thanks to the advice @mischa in a previous forum)

    My husband is very set on a boy named Magnus. His chosen twin set is Cyrus.
    My question is how big of a deal is it that our last name is Rodriguez? Magnus & Cyrus Rodriguez is a bit much in my opinion. Help?

    The names on my short list include: Quinton, Felix, Spencer, Nigel, Merrick, Connin. DH will consider Felix, probably just for a middle name though. DH only likes what he describes as "tough boy" names.

    I am not exaggerating how long we have been trying to name our future children so the fact that we just have a few months to settle makes me very nervous.

    If you have any advice on a twin for Magnus or a comparable name that DH might consider. Which if either of the girls names go alright with Magnus. I will be very grateful.

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    I think it's fine! I love Cyrus as a twin for Magnus, I think it's a great match. I might be missing something, but have no idea why having Rodriguez as a last name for them would be a problem.
    I think most of the names on your shortlist are alright, but I don't think any of them, except Felix and maybe Nigel, work as well as Cyrus.
    If you don't like it, though, what about:
    Atlas (I love this with Magnus!)

    And for boy-girl twins I think either Felicia or Eloisa goes well with Magnus, though I like Eloisa better with it, and I think Eloisa is fine with Cyrus but Felicia and Cyrus might be a bit close. And the one combination that's definitely too close is Felicia/Felix but you're probably aware of that.
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    None of the names on your short list are "tough boy" names, that's for sure! Do you like Magnus and Cyrus separately? It's not like you're naming one child Magnus Cyrus Rodriguez - that probably would be a bit much. But, they're independent people, so I don't think you need to put quite so much emphasis on how they sound together. I agree that Magnus and Cyrus are a bit matchy with the same ending, but Eloisa and Felicia sound equally like a matched pair to me. If you like them both, and obviously your husband does, I think you might as well use both...if you're even having two boys. I would pair Magnus with Felicia if it's boy-girl twins. Can't tell you why, that's just the set that jumped out at me! Good luck!
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    Thank you for your opinions, I do have a habit of over thinking details. Like mentioned, how often would I actually mention both of my children's names along with their last name...very rarely.

    @littlewren I just don't like how the names rhyme with the last name, I didn't know if it jumps out to other people like it does for me. Ironically most of the names that I have come up with recently also end with the same "s" ending. (Aurelius, Ozias, Andres, Thaddeus, Augustus...) I do like the names you have suggested, Atlas being a new one to add to my list.

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    I love Eloisa and Felicia ("fey-LEE-see-uh").

    I prefer Magnus and Felix to Magnus and Cyrus. They have a similar feel without being too matchy with the -us ending. I also find the r in Cyrus followed by the R in Rodriguez slightly awkward. This is just nitpicking though. Cyrus is a nice name too, I jut live Felix and think it sounds great with your last name.

    For B/G twins, I think either girl name is fine with Magnus. I think Felicia sounds slightly better with your last name but I love Eloisa more. Go with what you love.

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