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Thread: How many?

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    My Husband and I had a very long conversation about having children before we were married. At the time we both agreed to having a minimum of two children. Now that we have two, we're realizing that we want more!

    I agree that taking your current financial state into consideration is a smart thing to do. And I highly recommend it; because having children can be very expensive.


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    We want at least 3. I only have one sister, but DH comes from a huge family! It really depends on a lot of factors.
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    I would be nice about it,

    but I wouldn't have more than two because of overpopulation. My choice, just saying that is what I would do.

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    I'm the eldest of four myself, and my husband is the younger of two. We did say two, but since we're expecting twins and I know I don't really want this to be my last pregnancy, I don't know... Maybe we will have three
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    I'm way too young to be married, let alone have a child. I probably could not have more than five. Three, right now,is the ideal number for me.
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