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    No it took me a while to love my name but I can't imagine being anything else. My name is normal and top 100 but not common I only know one other girl and one boy with the name but I've never been close to them. A lot of people feel the need to shorten my name even though its only five letters. I do prefer my nickname Ebs to my full name Ebony but no I would never change it
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    I would give myself a full name. My name is Maggie. Not Margaret, Margot or even magda. Just Maggie. I'd give myself a full name (Margaret most likely). It's kind of embarrassing to write Maggie on forms and such. Especially since I just applied for my PhD. My degree will say "dr Maggie h". I love my name, I just want something more formal.
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    That's funny to me because my name is Margaret nn Maggie, and my whole life I wanted to change it legally to Maggie. Also specifically what you said about writing it on forms is kind of interesting, because growing up the thing I hated most was not knowing which name I should write down on which forms haha.

    Now though, I wouldn't change it. I really do like Margaret now. One thing I love about Margaret is technically I could 'change' my name to a lot of things, without actually having to legally change it, because there are so many nicknames like Meg, Maisie, Mae, Greta, etc. that I could choose to go by instead of Maggie.

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    Nope. I strongly identify myself with my name. Can't imagine being named something else!
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    Yes. I'm not sure what I'd change it to. Hallie and Holly are two names that are very similar to mine (Haleigh) that I feel suit me much more than the one my parents chose for me. I also think that the names Sydney, Maggie, Jess, and Parker suit me well for some reason. Right now I'm actually beginning to try and change the pronunciation of my name to HAL-ee instead of HAY-lee (which basically means lying about the how you're suppose to say my name but whatever). I just feel like Haleigh is so boring and it doesn't fit my personality at all, and I don't like how it's misspelled. And there are so many names that rhyme with it. I know two Haleys, three Baileys, a Cayleigh, a Maley, a Braylee, and a Rayleigh. The AY-lee pronunciation is basically the female equivalent to Aiden names. Ick.
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