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    Quote Originally Posted by violetgray View Post
    I would change it in a heart beat if I knew the people in my family would respect the change. But I know for a fact my family would laugh in my face and continue to call me by my name.

    I've disliked my name since I was a little girl. It always felt dated to me even though it was in the top 100 when I was born. It just doesn't fit who I am. I've always wanted to change it to something like Brooke or Clara. Something short and sweet like me. Not too cutesy or girly, but not too harsh. I would jump at the chance to change it but it would be no use with the family I'm in. They wouldn't respect my decision.
    This is my exact situation also.
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    My name is Jessica, but have always gone by Jessie, I actually love Jessie and despise Jessica, so although only a subtle change, it's definitely crossed my mind a few times!

    Jessica is just so overused and at school I was known as 'Jessica M'. That's the other reason I don't like it, I was just one of the 'Jessicas'.
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    I've thought about changing my name. It has been mispronounced and misspelled my entire life as well as feeling much too old for someone my age. My parents used the French spelling but not the French pronunciation. Talk about confusing. I would change it to Elizabeth, Kate, Rachel or Lauren or something like that so it is easy to pronounce and that could be either young or old.

    I would however never change my middle even though it is boring, because it is also my mom and grandma's middle.

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    It took me awhile to grow into my name. When I was young, Rebecca seemed really big and clunky. Now that I've grown into it, I can't imagine being called anything else. What bothers me the most about it now are the nicknames. People want to shorten it. I don't mind Becca, but it feels immature compared to Rebecca.

    I'm planning on applying to medical school, and I want my name to sound professional. My last name is very easy to pronounce and flows very well with my first name, so I am more than happy with it.

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    No it took me a while to love my name but I can't imagine being anything else. My name is normal and top 100 but not common I only know one other girl and one boy with the name but I've never been close to them. A lot of people feel the need to shorten my name even though its only five letters. I do prefer my nickname Ebs to my full name Ebony but no I would never change it
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