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    Would you change your name?

    I have a friend who's changing their name due to childhood bullying issues, she can't get over the taunting and plays her bullies made about her (seriously normal) name.

    Would you change your name? Why? (if you want to tell us) and what would you change it to?
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    I would consider changing my middle name to something more meaningful and feminine. My middle name is a family name chosen last minute by my mom to talk my dad out of Felecia. I wouldn't mind that so much if a) it wasn't mega popular as a girl's name and b) it felt even remotely feminine to me. Madison just sounds and feels like a man's name. I don't care how many female Madisons there are running around.

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    I wouldn't change my first name (Lauren) because I think it'd be impossible for everyone to get used to calling me by my new name, but if I did I would choose Azalea, my absolute favourite name. Feminine and a bit frilly, but spunky and modern and not stuffy at all. I don't hate my name, I don't particularly love it either.

    I wouldn't change my middle name, Lydia, because I like how it's after the Biblical woman Lydia. I don't like the P&P connection (really, Mum, you had to pick that sister's name?). But I love sharing a middle name with Helen Mirren. I've thought of adding Azalea as another middle but the flow isn't great, not to mention I'm lazy with paperwork!

    I've considered changing my surname to my mum's maiden name. I don't get along with my dad's family at all and while my mum doesn't use her maiden name, her sisters all do and they're basically my honorary mothers. I decided against it because it would be too confusing and my mum's maiden name isn't as unique (I'm in journalism school, name recognition is pretty important). Also, my mum's maiden name sounds kind of harsh to me.

    Ahh, sorry for rambling! I've thought a lot about changing parts of my name...
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    My name is Breanne and I've always liked it. People often call me Brianna but other than that it's been a great name to have. All the time people tell me what a nice name it is.

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    I have considered changing my name from Zelia to Celia because the Z usually mess with people.
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