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    4 Names I'm In Love With

    Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my third post in two days, however I have a stressed husband and a family eager for a confirmed name. Thankyou all so much for the comments I've received, they've been such a help!

    Our names list now rests at four strong names with middle names - but now I've hit a problem, because I love them all. However, little one can't have four first names, and with so little time left before she's here, We really need to settle on a name before my mind runs away with me and puts other names in my head. These names do have a Harry Potter association, but not just because I love HP, but because of everything their characters represent. Not forgetting of course, that they're absolutely gorgeous names that I can't choose between.

    So, the names are as follows;
    Lily Rowena - to me this symbolises love,bravery and intelligence.
    Hermione Fleur - intelligence, bravery, loyalty and strength. As well as this, I love the way that 'Mione' sounds like my only. (Nicknames would be either 'Mione or Minnie)
    Rowena Lily - same as Lily Rowena. (Nickname would probably be Rowe, which I quite like because it's different, any other nickname suggestions?)
    Ginevra Fleur - love, strength, bravery, loyalty. (Nickname would be Ginny)

    Again, apologies for my cluttering up of the forum, and thankyou in advance.

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    Rowena Lily > Hermione Fleur > Lily Rowena > Gievra Fleur

    I'm originally not a fan of Rowena, however I love the way Rowena Lily sounds. I think Rowe would be an adorable nickname for her. No other nickname suggestions cause I think that'd be the best one. But, I believe it says a lot about the name if you can get someone like me to root for it :P
    Hermione Fleur and Lily Rowena are more tied but I figured I'd put Hermione first since I picked Rowena Lily as my top choice.
    For Hermione, I'd personally go for the nickname Minnie, not only do I have a soft spot for it but, I hear the "nee" (knee) too much in Mione...
    As for Ginevra Fleur, not really a fan at all honestly but Ginny is a cute nickname.

    Also, I haven't noticed any of your posts but even if I had, don't apologize for posting too much....3 in 2 days really isn't that much.
    I have less than 9 weeks (depending) till my boys get here and I could honestly post something every day if I let myself. You wanna find the perfect name for your baby before she's here, I get I'm sure most other berries do.
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    Hermione Fleur or Ginevra Fleur. I'm a bit biased to Hermione though since I've picked it for my upcoming daughter! My 3rd favourite is Rowena Lily. Ginevra might be a more subtle name if you don't want a very strong Harry Potter reference.
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    My favorite is Ginevra Fleur
    Good luck

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    I love Hermione Fleur. I have a cousin Hermione and when she was little her nickname was Min/Minnie.

    My second favourite is Rowena Lily. Rowena is a lovely name, and has good nickname options.

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