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Thread: Baby H

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    Baby H

    Expecting my number 4, partners 1st in dec. My 3 are Tabitha, Oscar and Imogen need a name that goes HOWEVER all little ones in partners family have names that begin with H. I'm happy to do this but don't LOVE any boys H names. There is already a Harry, Hugo, Henry and hector, so no to them. Must be able to shorten too! (Tabi, Oz, Mim!) Front runner at the mo is Herbert, Herb or Bertie, but just not sure, any ideas?

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    Tabitha, Oscar, and Imogen are amazing together!

    I would suggest Hugh nn Hughie (not with Hugo, though), Harvey nn Harv or Vey, Hawthorne nn Hawk or Thorne, Hamish nn Hay or James or Mish, Hadley nn Haddy or Had or Lee, Harper nn Harp, Harrison nn Harris or Hank, Hadrian nn Hade or Ian, Harlan nn Harley, Henderson nn Hen or Ender, Holland/Hollis nn Holly or Ollie or Land, or Henley nn Hen or Lee.

    I think my favorite is Hamish. It's absolutely perfect with Tabitha, Oscar, and Imogen. The nn options aren't that great, though. Harvey would be my runner up.
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    I love Harvey in the sibset! Hardy is another great option, there aren't as many nn possibilities (Ardy?) but it's similar and not as popular (if that's important to you).

    If you like Hugh but want something longer, try Hewett.
    If you're not set on Herbert, try Halbert. Hal or Bert are both great NN.

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    I suggest: Heath, Hayes, Hyatt, Hilton, Halden(hall-din), or Holden. Helix is cool too.
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