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    My almost name was Victoria, and apologies to anyone called Victoria or who has a daughter named Victoria, but I really dislike the name. I'm completely relieved I ended up as Margaret.

    If I'd been a boy, I'd have either been Benjamin or Thomas.
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    As far as I know, when my mum & dad were expecting me, they considered;

    Olivia (after Olivia De Haviland, one of my dad's favourite actresses, he & my mum love older films)
    Sophia (after Sophia Loren, another of my dad's favourite actresses)

    for a boy, I only know of 2 names;

    Mackenzie Daniel

    For my sister it was:

    Nicole (ended up being my sister's middle name)

    and for boys:

    Charles nn Charlie

    My mum always says how she and my dad liked the same names for girls, but never could agree on/love the same boys' names, and she actually said that they couldn't find out the gender for either my sister or I (sister was being shy, and I was a massive baby), but they assumed I'd be a boy (LOL surprise ), however, NEITHER of them loved Mackenzie Daniel, but it was all they could agree on, because Sebastian had been vetoed by my grandmother (Dad's mum) because our last name begins with S, so in case I (or anyone else) had a lisp, she said it'd be cruel. Wonder what I would've ended up being had I been a boy!

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    My parents decided before they were married that their first daughter would be named after their mothers and their first son would be named after their fathers, so I was always destined to be Margaret Cynthia. (Or Cynthia Margaret, I suppose.) Had I been a boy, though, I'm not positive what my name would have been, because by the time I was born, I already had two cousins named Charles, which was my paternal grandfather's name. The middle name was definitely going to be Dominic (my maternal grandfather's middle name), but Mom liked James for a first name after my father, while Dad didn't want a junior and preferred his father's middle name of Thomas. I imagine they probably would have gone with Thomas Dominic, but my mother refers to the baby she miscarried as J.D. (James Dominic).
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    My name is Kaitlin, and I'm very happy with that. I don't go by any nn and I can't stand being called Katie (contrary to my user name). It is the only name my father would agree to. My mom wanted to name me Sarah (sorry to Sarah lovers but I really don't like the name and I only think of the book "Sarah Plain and Tall" when I hear it, I am neither). Mind you, I was named Kaitlin about a year before it skyrocketed up the US charts, I don't think it would have been my name if it was at the height of popularity it reached in the years following. If I was a boy my name would have been Timothy.
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    My parents were considering Julia, Caylee, Jessica, and Lola. The ended up with Emily Marie. I feel as if I am more of a Caylee than an Emily.

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