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    Snow with a one-syllable last name?

    Hey nameberry first thread, hope I'm doing it right.

    We're picking out a sister for Eden and have until now steered clear of one syllable names because our last name is Chong. And then I started finding threads on nameberry saying the right 1:1 could be just fine. So any thoughts on Snow Chong? would it work as a middle? any alternatives?

    I was thinking snow is a diphthong and Chong has a vowel+continuant, making them both slightly longer than a simple one-vowel. But maybe I'm overthinking it.

    At the moment we're considering Azalea Snow or Snow Azalea but are really open to any other word names... I'm kind of ignoring that they're going to be born in midsummer, lol...

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    I prefer a 2+ syllable first name with a short last name. I feel your pain, because I also have a one syllable last name and it has caused me to axe a lot of first names that I love.

    My maiden name was also one syllable and I hated how short my name was growing up (first name is 2 syllables, but only 4 letters). That said, I think the right 1/1 syllable pair can work, but it's rare. The flow has to be spot on for me, and unfortunately, Snow Chong doesn't quite work. That said, I am probably more sensitive to this issue than others!

    Azalea Snow Chong sounds beautiful to me.

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    I honestly think both ways work. I love Snow!
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    Snow Chong is too short and they kind of blend into each other (I hear Snowchong). Azalea is gorgeous and just rolls off the tongue. Azalea Chong looks and sounds much better.
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