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    I think the suggestion of Aurora from Larkub couldn't be more perfect for you! It's old fashioned, unique and princessy all at the same time. It is too girly for my taste as I also like names with a tomboyish vibe but the nickname Rory is perfect to give it that unisex edge (also makes me think of the cool pretty girl in the Gilmore Girls). A few other suggestions:
    Tabitha nn Tabby or Tibby
    Matilda nn Mattie
    Penelope nn Pip
    Scarlett nn Scout
    India nn Indie
    Ivy (in my opinion old fashioned, flower name but would really suit a tomboy as it's less fussy than the other flower names)
    Theodora nn Thea, Dory or Teddy
    Florence nn Flo
    Cosette nn Coco
    Francesca/Frances nn Frankie
    Belle (classic, princess, mmore unique than the other belle names and not overly frilly so could suit a tomboy)

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