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    What about something unusual, but still decidedly feminine (maybe even a little frilly), but that has a more boyish/unisex nickname? Like:

    Alessandra "Alex"
    Eleni (not sure how princessy it is, but there's also Madeleine, Gwendolen, Helena, Lenore/a, etc.) "Leni"
    Charlotte/Charlene/Charlize "Charlie"
    Arabella "Ari"
    Isabelle "Issy" (usually seen as a girls' name, but I've heard guys named Isaiah, Isaac, and Isadore referred to as Izzy, as well, so I think an Issy/Izzy name would work. I think Isadora would also qualify here--I just don't like it personally)
    Clementine "Clem"
    Olive "Ollie" (or even Olivia "Ollie". I'm not sure how unusual I would go, though, since both of your boys have traditional, common classics; Matthew, Benjamin, and Fairuza, for example, seems very jarring for me)
    Samara/Samira "Sammy/Sam"
    Theodora/Dorothea "Teddy/Theo"
    Calliope/Leona/Leonie/etc. "Leo" (I think Matthew, Benjamin, and Leona would be adorable actually!)
    Catherine "Kit" (or even an unusual Catherine form, like Aikaterini or Ekaterina...)
    Natalie "Nat" (although my little sister is Natalie nn Tallie, and I have to say, I think Tallie/Tally is the epitome of adorable! If I didn't have a Tallie in my life, I think I'd want it on my own list. )
    Veronica "Ronnie"
    Emilia "Milo" (meh, a big stretch. But I think it's sort of cool.)
    Jacqueline "Jack"
    Wilhelmina "Will"
    Georgia/Georgiana/Georgina "Georgie"

    I'm biased, of course, but I think Ash is pretty edgy and cool for a girl. The options are pretty limited to Ashley, Ashlyn/Ashton (or the traditional Irish spelling, Aisling/Aislinn), and Asha. Not very exciting, haha.

    Or, you could go the other way around: a unisex name that comes with a girly nickname:

    Hadley "Addy"
    Meredith "Edie"
    Jocelyn "Josie" (I LOVE just Joss for Jocelyn, but admittedly, it's not terribly girly...)
    Harper "Ari" (although Ari's unisex, so it's not terribly girly, I suppose. I've always found Ari to be pretty princessy, though, despite its masculine Hebrew origins, because of all the frilly Ari names for girls--Aurora, Aurelia/Aurelie, Ariana, Arabella, Arianne, etc.)

    For some reason I really like Penelope nn Poppy for you, too--you get the floral with Poppy, it's an unusual nn (even though Penelope's growing in popularity), and I find it really strong, thanks to Odysseus's wife in The Odyssey, but it also has a frilly sort of sound, which might appeal to your husband. It's not rabidly popular, but familiar enough that I don't think you'd have issues with. If you don't like Poppy for a nn, there's also Pen/Penny, Nell, Lola, Pepper, Piper, Pippa, even Ella... I think it's versatile and lovely, and I think Matthew, Benjamin, and Penelope are lovely.

    What are the names you have liked so far? And him? That might give us a better idea of what to suggest. (Also, your husband sounds adorable, haha. I can only hope that when I have a little girl in the future, and potential husband of mine would get so excited!)

    Good luck!

    ETA: Och, I just remembered that you're Katherine! So maybe Catherine nn Kit won't work. Oops.
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    I loved the suggestion of Aroura nn Rory. Hit the nail on the head for me.

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    I like the idea of a uber-fem name with a gender-neutral nickname (or vice-versa) to satisfy both you and your husband!

    Evangeline (Van)
    Aquinnah (Quinn)
    Madelaine (Laine)
    Cordelia (Corie)
    Finnola (Finn)
    Magnolia (Noa)
    Johannah (Jo)
    Philippa (Pippa)
    Jacoba (Cobie)
    Lucienne (Lux)
    Antonia (Toni/Andi)

    Emerson (Emmy)
    Elliot (Ellie)
    Juniper (June)
    Addison (Addie)
    Kennedy (Kenna)
    Christian (Christie/Christa/Tia/Tiana)
    Aniston (Ani/Ana)
    Marlowe (Lola)

    Matthew, Benjamin & Madelaine (Laine)
    Matthew, Benjamin & Johannah (Jo)
    Matthew, Benjamin & Lucienne (Lux)
    Matthew, Benjamin & Marlowe (Lola)


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