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    Roxie as a sister for Ellis and Cora?

    Thoughts? Our other favorite for a girl is Lena, but I'm worried that it's too close to Ellis. Also, Cora's middle name is Luna, which is way too similar to Lena. So, Ellis, Cora & Roxie? We're open to other suggestions, too! Thanks

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    I think Roxie works ok with Ellis and Cora but Roxanne nn Roxie fits better stylistically imo since Roxie is more nicknamey than Ellis and Cora are.
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    Ellis and Cora are both great names, and they are also pretty different from each other, so I like Roxie for being yet another style. I actually find Lena too close to Cora more so than Ellis (though I see that too). Roxanne and Roxana would both work OK too, and I do like full names more than nn's as names, although Roxie's OK.

    Trying to think what else I might suggest....
    Ellis, Cora, and Maxine
    Ellis, Cora and Magdalen (nn Lena/Leni)
    Ellis, Cora, and Leni (sort of combining Roxie and Lena? I think it's more distant from Ellis and Luna)
    Ellis, Cora, and Beatrix nn Trixie

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    Roxie is very spunky. However I think it may be one of those names that is fabulous on a little girl, great on teenager, less so on a full grown woman. I'd give her the option of a full name like Roxanne. But if Roxie feels right to you that is all that matters!

    Personally I like Lena better. It at once seems like a surfer girl, and a doctor. It has a lot of personality and seems to fit better with Cora, and Ellis. I'd also suggest since you have a Greek theme going with Cora, perhaps Leda might be another option for you?

    Congratulations! Good look on what ever you decide!

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