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    Rhys for a girl?

    Maybe as a middle?

    I love this spelling,though I know it's not the more traditional. Hmmm

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    As a middle name the Rhys spelling isn't so bad, but it still screams boy to me. I like the Reese spelling better for a girl.
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    Rhys for a girl doesn't work at all. It is all male. I love the spelling as well, but not for a girl. I'm afraid you should use Reese if this is the name you choose.

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    Not choosing it yet. Throwing it around for a boy too. Probably as a middle no matter which gender I end up with (if I use it at all) :-)
    My little boy: Grayson Maxwell James born July 29,2015

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    Maybe if you want a less traditional spelling try Reis? It's not that bad but spelled Rhys it looks to me like it should be pronounced like Rice sorry.
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