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    I love the name Talullah, and don't think it's weird at all! Especially with such common nn's within it - Lulu, Tally, Tilly, etc...There are tons of actual little girls called these very names these days! And Tallulah Violet is lovely and quite currently-fashionable, as well!

    I like your Lorelei combo switched around, personally - Lorelei Zelmarine! I have never heard of Zelmarine before, but it is kind of cute! NN Zella is spunky and pretty, too.

    Maybelline I DO think of the make-up, but that is no worse than many other names that have associations...and it is a lovely name! You might like Mazarine as well, or Mirabelle....'Maybe' is a CUTE nn with Maybelline, though:

    My honest opinion is that any of these names will be FINE in the real world. There are truly MANY, MANY unique names born by children nowadays! When your kid goes to school you will be amazed by all the unusual names you hear coming out of their mouths when talking about their classmates. And mostly names that we 'love' are names that we are incredibly familiar with. So - if YOU love them, and if they can be spelled easily enough and pronounced somewhat accurately and they have great nn's to boot, I think you should go with your heart!

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    I have to say that when I say Maybelline particularly that spelling I immediately heard in my head with no tv or radio "Maybe she's born with it. sings "Maybe it's Maybelline." Now I watch probably too much television, but I do think the brand, the company, the slogan is everywhere. Not my favorite, but the company is not a bad association.

    Zelmarine I have never heard or seen so you've stumped a long-time name nerd. It's ok. It's kind of I guess, a mash-up of Zella and Marina. I think it's kind of out there, but usable. If she finds it too unusual I hope maybe you will let her use Lorelai. It does seem perhaps easy to pronounce.

    Tallulah is way more common in a good way. It's not top 1000 in the US, but it's still common enough, I think it's more familiar approachable name. This is the name I suggest you use. It has great nicknames Tally or Lulu. This is my first choice.
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    I actually met a Zelmarine a long time ago. I always thought her name was interesting. I have no idea what it means though. I've searched it and nothing comes up. I think it might just be a longer name for Zelma. Which I also love. i love it paired with Lorelai because Lorelai is associated with the River nymph or mermaid and I just interpret Zelmarine to mean zealous seas- zel(zelous) marine (sea).. but thats just in my head lol

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    Love Tallulah, though it has become more popular in recent years, I don't see it giving Emma, Olivia, etc. are run for their money. Maybelline is just too closely associated with makeup company for my tastes. Zelmarine sounds like an exotic fruit. I do like Z names, just not this one. I believe Delilah is even more popular than Tallulah is some areas, and I do prefer Tallulah. My suggested name is Zelia(h) (Zeel - ya) a pretty name, though I don't know if it is a "real" name. Your middle names are pretty and work well if they flow with the first name nicely. Lastly, you should name your child what you want, but consider how that name will affect how other view and treat them.

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    I do think that Maybelline is to closely associated with the make-up, and it's not a negative association, I just think that people would sing that "Maybe she's born with it..." song from the commercials all the time.

    I really do like Tallulah, it does have a certain spunk and sass to it, and Tallulah Violet is a pretty great combo imo.

    Honestly, I am very intrigued by Zelmarine. I have never heard of it, and something about it is just pretty to me. Plus you could use nicknames Zel or Zella if you wanted.

    I would go with Zelmarine or Tallulah if I were you. Good luck!

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